Thursday, October 16, 2008

Class Results

I had a great experience in the collage class and the second day was as interesting as the first. I really learned a lot, not only from the instructor, but from the others in the class. I shared a table with Juanita Bitonti, an extraordinarily talented silversmith. She crafts beautiful jewelry and is featured in several area galleries. She is also a very talented artist. Her collages were really well thought out and were not at all at a beginner level.

She and I shared a table with Jack and Ann (also in the collage class) and had a bowl of rice topped with an egg, vegetables and teriyaki chicken for lunch today. YUMMY!

I left early because the baby had been up frequently overnight and Papa was alone with her for the day. She is 1 year old and is really busy.

This is my collage that I think is finished.

This is another that needs more work, but so far I am liking it.

I used one of the artist boards as a comparison for image transfer. I need to add a Con-tact paper transfer, a packing tape transfer, an ironed on transfer. It seems like there more, but I am at a loss just this minute. I made notes on it next to each transfer so that I will have a good comparison to see how each method works. The only difference with these ones is that in the class I only had access to liquid gel medium. I use soft gel at home. I don't think that will make much of a difference, but it should be noted. I like each of the transfers shown at the left and none of them was too difficult. However, the Elmer's Squeeze & Caulk needs more time to set than any other method I have tried.

I received the two round robin ATCs this week, so on Saturday when I have the day off, I need to do my part and get them back in the mail. I am also participating in a round robin ephemera/paper swap and am anxiously awaiting my turn.

I haven't drawn a new face for the past couple of days, but hope to get another one drawn today or tomorrow. I need to learn how to shade them so that they have more depth. That is my next skill to learn.

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  1. Your collages look great! Image transfer is something that is such fun! I really like the vintage look of your Elmer's transfer of the sweet Indian maiden a lot!