Friday, October 31, 2008

Some Things I am Working On

Somehow October has gone by and I never made an October desktop; I used September's for two months. No wonder I never know what day it is! I have worked a little bit ahead of time this month - I have November's desktop done and I love it. Putting up a new desktop is almost as rewarding and refreshing as rearranging a room's furniture.

I am also finishing up some swaps that I am involved in - whimsical houses and a partner swap.

I am sending my Mom a package with some hard crossword puzzles, pencils and Yahtzee score cards, so I decided to make her an ATC too. She loves Arby's roast beef sandwich so I transferred a sandwich and the logo to a background of scrapbook paper. I then cut out words that represented our couple of days together and collaged them onto the ATC. I cut the words from a game I purchased at Goodwill in Lansing yesterday. I hope she likes it. Earlier in the year I made her a postcard and sent it through the mail, but she never received it. One employee of the post office said maybe it was just too cute and someone decided to keep it. I did not find that funny.


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