Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ATCs and Faces

I am still trying to draw a face each day, but some days I just don't get a chance to step foot into my art room. I am still trying to get some color into the sketches I am doing, but I find that pencil still shows through and sometimes the pictures looked better before I tried to color them. Today's face is colored with colored pencils and her face is a little yellow since I didn't really have a realistic flesh color to use - the black was too black, the olive was too green, and this was obviously too yellow.

The baby was up on and off most of the night the night before last, so was difficult during the day yesterday. She was a bit feverish and very needy. She did finally crash in the late afternoon and I was called from my art room to take a few pix. She had been playing at the end of the sofa hugging her big bear when suddenly she became very quiet. All you could see of her were her legs sticking out.

I also finished the two ATCs in the round robin I was involved in and got them in the mail.

The one above arrived with the lovely silvery background. I added the woman's face stamp and the decorative edge stamp and then collaged the word "dream" onto the bottom corner.

This one arrived with the background and the collaged cook and recipe info. My contribution is the image transfer of the soup and tomatoes.

I went to the Leslie post office this time instead of the Pleasant Lake office and what a difference - the woman was pleasant, efficient, and helpful. I was afraid that kind of service was a thing of the past. At the Pleasant Lake office, I usually have to wait at the counter while listening to the employees gabbing in the back, get an unsmiling face of a person who acts like I am interrupting their day, have an employee ask if New Mexico is in the United States (she was not joking!), you get the picture.....

I am also involved in an ATC swap in the arttechniquesatc Yahoo! group. The theme is "metal". Over the course of the couple of weeks that I was brainstorming what to do with metal, I felt that this was going to be very difficult and then I found these little metal flowers with raised stickers on the back at the dollar store. And dictionary pages area always good backgrounds. I think I wish I had rotated the page a bit before attaching it, but overall I am pleased with how it turned out. As a finishing touch I stamped with an iridescent copper liquid acrylic using a bottle cap and then ran a brick red distressing ink around the edge. That, too, went out in yesterday's mail.

For the rest of this week, DD works and so not much art will be done, but I have Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. It is my Mom's 84th birthday on Friday, so I am driving north to see her for a couple of days, but should still have a couple of days in my art room to do more of the ATCs I am working on for swaps.

Most of the 120 4 x 4 fat book pages have been received by now and I absolutely can't wait to get my copy in the mail. There are so many techniques that I not only have not tried, but have never even heard of...oh, the possibilities.

Meanwhile, this morning I am driving into town to have my tires rotated and balanced before making the trip north. I seem to have at least one tire that is feeling "wobbly" when I drive. I hope to also have time to run into a store and find a couple of small spray bottles to use for the ten 6 x 8 saran wrap techniques that I am supposed to swap by November 10.

Lots to do. Meanwhile don't forget to live in the moment.


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