Sunday, October 5, 2008

Current Art

I am currently working on several projects on canvas and am working on several ATC swaps. I find that I work best in large blocks of time. I generally forget to eat or do any of life's "necessities" when I am working.

These two are my first two canvases from my online class with Paulette Insall. The focus is on making organic backgrounds - layer, layer, layer. I am loving the class. If you are thinking about taking a class, this woman is really good at what she does. The class was very reasonably priced and has good quality videos weekly. There is also a chat once a week. The people in the class are friendly and supportive. I have found it to be a wonderful experience.

My "studio" is in serious need of cleaning and rearranging in order that I can find things easily and be more productive. It never stays ordered for long. By its very nature mixed media art is messy and the more you have at hand the more creative you can become. My pet peeve is thinking of just the perfect thing to use at a given moment when working on a project and not being able to put my hands on it quickly.

I am trying to keep an art journal, too. I find it difficult to keep up with it because I am so involved in my daily "written" journal that I started on the first of January. I have not missed a day yet and am determined to get through December 31. I think next year, I will incorporate art into my daily journal so that it is a log and an artistic journey.


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