Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Full Face and Focal Point for Insall Class

Today's drawing attempt is a full face. According to my friend Debbie, full faces are the most difficult and I think she is right. It is difficult to get the shading right. Also the eyes always seem too big for the face, but since the eyes are the focal point of a face (at least to me), I can work with that. I think I want to try a 3/4 face tomorrow and I certainly need to work on a self portrait so that my avatar doesn't have shoulder length blonde hair. I have really short hair and it is reddish brown with a smattering of gray.

I have also gotten very brave and decided to paint a face onto my background in Paulette Insall's class. This is particularly scary because I like the background so much and I am afraid I am going to totally screw it up. I needed to remind myself that this is a learning experience and there will be many more canvases to paint and if I am ever going to get the inner critic to stop whining at me, I have to take more risks in the name of fun and learning. So far, I like what I've done, but I need more layers. I am going to try to mix a little bit darker paint today to shade the face a bit and I am planning to make her lipstick more coral.

I also need to extend her "blouse" and add the beginnings of either a skirt or pants to the bottom. I think I will do a glaze over them to bring them into the background. I must be careful not to obscure the poem too much. It is right for this pic as it talks about looking at purple skies.

Planning to put my whimsical faces ATCs in the mail today and finish my whimsical houses. I also signed up for a winter skinny book today, but the deadline isn't until January 31, which gives me lots of time to think and develop an idea for these.

For now don't forget to live in the moment and have fun!


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