Monday, October 6, 2008

Faces Sketchbook

I found this sketchbook at a second hand store for $.99. I bought it, but hadn't really thought about what I would use it for. I have decided to use it to practice faces in. My goal is to be able to make realistic faces. From there I think I will be more comfortable making whimsical faces. I do like the pretty, pretty girl faces and the elfin faces, but I think I need to get perspective right first before I break the rules.

Here is my first face in the book. I hadn't attempted a profile before, but wanted to be able to do one. I think this may be easier than a head-on view of the face. I don't have to worry about lining up the eyes this way. LOL

I attempted to add hair, but am not happy with it yet. My daughter thinks this is a woman of color, and I can see that may be true. Perhaps I will do her hair with some kind of flower behind her ear like an island girl. If I can get the hair to work, I will post it later.


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