Thursday, June 10, 2010

ATCs and an Attempt at Watercolor

Yesterday while reading the blogs to which I subscribe, I found a lovely watercolor at my friend Nancy's site and decided I wanted to try something like it. I really thought I could make something like it. The drawing went pretty well, but the watercolor - ugh!! I really need some lessons. I just went back to look at hers (you can see it by clicking on the link on her name) and realized that I didn't remember to put something behind it to ground it. I'm not sure that would save it though.

Here it is in all it's glory lowliness:

While walking the yard with coffee and the hubster, I told him that I had tried a watercolor and that it was horrible. He suggested I burn it. Should I have thrown it away? I think I need to keep it as a step along the way to getting better. While it is very amateurish, it isn't actually painful to look at - okay, it is a little painful!

On to other things.

I participated in a Dylan lyrics ATC swap at ATCs for All and received these in the mail recently. I really like them:

Yesterday on a shopping trip to town I went to Target and bought a bath scale that measures body fat, bone mass, BMI, % water, and weight. I'm not sure I truly believe it is possible for such a thing to be accurate, but was pleased to find that all my measurements (except weight) were in the acceptable range. I had weighed on an old scale I had about a week ago and found that I was in the mid 150s, which thrilled me. The last time I was weighed before that was at the doctor's office last Fall at which time I was 178. However, on the new scale (which I assume is more accurate than my realllllly old one) I weigh 160.3; that does not please me very much. Although I am not one to stress over the numbers, I am greatly attracted to the mid-150s and so that is my current goal.

I also purchased a wrist worn blood pressure gadget because I want to know and the hubster takes blood pressure medicine, but is now working out regularly and eating pretty sensibly. Mine was its usual healthy reading and his was quite low. I will have him check it again today and see what it says. 

Right now I need to go get a bit of breakfast (Shredded Wheat & Bran, with frozen thawed blueberries and fresh strawberries) and then get on the treadmill. I am tutoring later this afternoon, but except for that I think the day is mine to do as I please. I think I'd better get back to my watercolor pencil class lessons and see if I can learn something.

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  1. I think you have a picture that is nice but could be improved. Of course learning how to do some watercolor would help and I highly recommend Laure Ferlita's classes as she has you jump right in with the paint and you find yourself surprised to see you can do it! Check out her classes here.
    For this picture I would suggest a little bit of delicate line work in black pen. Such as petals or leaves and the vase outline but don't follow the watercolor line exactly. Be loose on the flowers especially. I think it could be a terrific picture that way but I would definitely not burn it even now. Journal around it if you don't want to do the pen work. Write how you saw it on Nancy's blog and how you wanted to try it. Then it will be a special piece and when you learn more about watercolor you can treasure it as the catalyst for wanting to learn more.