Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Quick Sketch

In my attempt to do some art everyday, I have done a quick sketch of a picture I found in a book called Madonna with Cat. I don't remember what book I found it in, but I had a good time with it. I am trying very hard to do "gesture" sketching to get a quick likeness so that when I get up the courage to sketch in public, I may actually get something.

Here is my quick attempt:

And here is the print whose essence I was trying to capture:

Somehow I came home with my Mom's handicap parking permit so I have to run to the post office to send it back. Also, my Mom lives on a gravel road and my car is filthy, so I think I will run through a car wash while I am out.

I am tutoring this afternoon and am looking forward to that. 

I can't believe how busy I am already. I have the first grader tomorrow after school just for a little while and then have her and her 2 year old sister on Saturday and Sunday. I have a haircut Monday morning and am tutoring on Tuesday afternoon - and somehow I am starting a part time job next week also.

Loving this life!



  1. Hi Vicki-your sketch looks good--its a little hard to see (at least on my computer)- but it looks like you have captured the likeness!!

  2. You picked a hard one, but your quick sketch turned out really well! nancy

  3. I think you did great! I also have a hard time doing quick sketches. It takes me a long time. I'd say you are learning well. Almost time to go do those sketches in public. I will if you will! <>

  4. I think you did a good job. Especially as you were trying to hurry as if they were live. Can't wait to see what you do when you get up the nerve to go public!

  5. Very good sketch! So many of you are doing skteches from ... well, sketches (lol) I may have to start ... or not! ;)