Friday, June 18, 2010

Final Background and Another Photo

Here is today's photo. It is a beautiful flower in the front perennial garden that I'd love to draw - and perhaps I will.

Here is what it looks like after I add the Find Edges filter under Stylize in Photoshop, change it to black and white, and then adjust the Levels a bit. This really helps me to see the values.

I spent a good part of the day yesterday with my artist friend, Nancy. We went into Ann Arbor to the Scrap Box and the Treasure Mart. I had a lot of fun as I always do when I spend time with her. When I got home, I almost immediately came into the art room and began on my next layer on my work in progress. I am quite pleased with how it turned out and now feel ready to put the finishing touches on it. 

I also grabbed the innards of a book whose covers I am going to use to make a sketchbook and began to draw birds. I drew their outlines first and then used colored pencils to color them. They are cut out and ready to be added to the canvas, but first I think I am going to draw some branches and maybe use some of the 101 Artist's Cement to make some of the leaves 3-D.

Here are the two birds so far. Notice that the bluebird lost one of his legs when I was cutting him out. I'll have to deal with that when I am affixing him to the canvas.

I am beginning to feel really excited about this project, and feel the ideas in my head beginning to work themselves out. 

I am going to a MIABA meeting in Portage all day tomorrow, so will put off working more on this probably until Sunday. That is, of course, unless I get more of it done today.

My Faces in Technicolor class with Sharon Tomlinson began today and I am really excited to get started. I've watched the first video and am working on my first assignment. When I get to the actually "making a face" part I will share what I am doing. My internet connection has such constraints on it as far as how many MB I am allowed to use in a day that I think I may take the laptop to a friendly WIFI place and have some coffee and watch videos to my heart's content.

So much to do, so little time......



  1. I looked and looked but couldn't find anything about whether you need to take her other face class before this one. Do you know if you can take this class by itself? I love the idea of using lots of color. The other question I have on her classes is if the video you are getting as a lesson is better than the ones she uses for her blog morning paintings. I couldn't hear her on those so wondered.

    Your book paper birds look terrific! Now I can't wait to see where you are heading with this.

  2. I just adore those birds....LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  3. Freebird is right - your birds are really great - I can't believe how good you are at drawing birds now! The flower is interesting - I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. I like the background, too! hugs, nancy

  4. I love the birds and think they always add something special to a piece.

  5. I love the birds and always feel they add something special to a piece