Thursday, June 17, 2010

WIP and Today's Photo

For today's photograph, I have a picture of the bench in the front yard with lilies growing beside and behind it. The hubster made the bench (I'm not sure there is anything made of wood in the yard that he didn't make) and the lilies are part of the front perennial garden.

The more I think about this "photo a day" idea, I think they will all be from my yard. There is plenty of interest here. The hubster is the yard guy and he has bridges over the creek, various plants in the "natural" part of the yard to the north of the creek, herb gardens, vegetable garden, the perennial garden between the house and his shop, the berm with the lighthouse and the front perennial gardens. And there is always plenty of bird activity to document.

Now, I have pix of the next few layers that I've added to my work in progress so far. I still don't know for sure where this is going, but I think I need to go to USArtQuest and get some 101 Artist's Cement to use with stencils to get some 3-D elements into the final layer.

I am really liking the color of the middle pic above and think I will make a thin glaze to put over the "yellow" layer before I add more. I am thinking image transfers, 3-D elements using artist's cement, and then some hand drawn things (maybe birds?).

Any ideas? Comments? Does that sound too busy?

I love it that you not only come to take a look, but that you take the time to give suggestions and leave comments. Thanks so much!!

I've got to run. I need to have a bite to eat and then I must get in the shower. I am going out and about with my friend Nancy today and am hoping to find a few treasures at some second hand stores to share with you tomorrow.



  1. I'm enjoying watching your progress but have no clues to offer with this kind of art. I have only done a little and its usually in my journal making a memory page or something and even there I don't have a clue what I am doing.

  2. DecoArt has some real cool and texture pastes at Michaels that you can use with stencils. come in jars called Texture Fierro and come in different types, iron, glass,'ll love them.

  3. I really love the flowers Vicki! I enjoy watching your mind at work and the directions you want to go.