Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WC Pencil practice, doodling and more

I think I will start with "more". I walked around the yard very early yesterday morning and took some pictures of the "lake" that is in our backyard from the storms last weekend. We usually have a pleasant meandering creek, but sometimes it escapes its banks. Such is the case now.

While on my walk around the house I espied the peachy roses that grow between the house and the hubster's workshop. I took a few pix and then was playing in Photoshop to maximize them when I made a very small discovery. You see, I frequently use the 3 x 3 grid that can be found under the custom shape tool as an aid in cropping with an eye to the "rule of thirds". What I usually do is put the grid on its own layer above my picture and then move it around until I like what I see. Then after I crop, I discard the grid layer. Here is what I got today:

But when I looked at it cropped with the "grid" still on top, I thought I liked how it looked as though I was looking through a window and so I beveled the grid and here is what I got:

What do you think? Is it just me or does it look pretty cool with that "window" in front of it?

Meanwhile between running errands, getting my hair cut, visiting at the daughter's while her Dad cut and weed whacked her lawn, taking her little one out to eat and play while her older sister was at ballet class, and watching ballet girl's last softball game of the season, I did manage to get some art time. 

I actually doodled this domino on Saturday morning before the girls showed up for the day. It is a bit messy, but has potential, I think.

These two are part of the WC Pencil class I am taking. I am having fun with them, but wish I had been able to work at them while the lessons were fresh so that I could have paid more attention to others' attempts and read and digested the feedback.

Today I have to cover the box that I am using to return the Tupperware Chef Series pans that I purchased for the hubster about 5 years ago that cost a fortune, but that have Teflon coating that is beginning to fall apart. The box I am sending them in is from a toddler car seat and is full of pictures. I don't think UPS will take such a distracting box. I have some postal paper that I bought at the dollar store that I think will work. Meanwhile, until they replace them with new ones that don't have Teflon coating, I will be without my four most important cooking utelsils.

Later today, I am going to Stockbridge to tutor an Algebra student before he takes his final later this week.

In between I think I will do some art.

What do you have planned for today???



  1. Wow, you really got the water! It does look pretty, tho. I like the roses both ways, but you do keep amazing me with the things you do with P.Shop! Your apples look wonderful. Shadows often reflect a bit of the color of the thing casting it - in this case, maybe adding some of the red from the apple would help. It would make it look a bit purplish - I don't know ... just a thought! nancy

  2. Wow, keep your head up! Where I live there is a basement and it floods. They are suppose to get it up too! Well, I had to walk through over an inch of water in the basement to wash clothes. Ugh!!!! She through down towels and left or locked Herself in Her apartment. Glad yours is outside. Watch for mosquitoes. Love the domino. Are those the white scrapbook Dominos? I love your first WC Pencil work. Seems the practice is well done. Did you see mine in the class area? Do you think I am doing ok? My son is going back to the War Front. I have my homework. Have to post.

  3. You've got a lake there for sure! Hope things dry out before you get much more rain.

    I like the apples natural but of course, that's not as creative as the gridded version which would be fun to put in a journal and then draw the inside of the wall so it really looks like you are looking out at them.

    I am only done with lesson 3 so you aren't far behind me. A few others are slowpokes too.