Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photo of the Day and Girl #2 Revisited

Yesterday was a spectacular day - breezy, high of about 74 degrees F., sunny, and low humidity - and today promises to be about the same. The overnight low was in the 40s; it is 48 degrees right now. I am a yooper (from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) and this is what I remember as summer. Unfortunately, where I live these days are few and far between. Usually we are in the 80s or above and the humidity is high enough to be quite uncomfortable.

Today's photo is of one of the thistle plants in the front  perennial garden. This is one of my favorites; it is quite an interesting looking plant. I don't often see this plant featured when gardeners are showing off their blooms.

I am so glad that Sharon Tomlinson tells it like it is. She could have looked at my namby-pamby girl #2 with the big hair and very little color and said she was fine, but instead she told me to get nervous Nellie to go away and to get rid of that 80s hair and be bold and brave with the color and boy am I ever glad she did.

First I gessoed everything except the face and a tiny bit of "hair" around it and let it dry. Then I began to add color. I am so pleased with how she turned out! I can't believe I was willing to leave her the way she was and go on to the next one.

Here is the before:

And here she is after her makeover:

I am so loving her! This is what I hoped to accomplish when I signed up for this class. Today I am hoping to give my girl #1 a makeover. I won't have to change as much; but I definitely need to add some color to that pale girl. I'll share tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'd best have another cup of coffee, walk the yard with my camera, and then get on the treadmill. It is the perfect day for it.

I'm so glad you came to visit and hope you have time to leave a comment to let me know what you think of this post.



  1. What a difference!! She is really looking good!! Love the colors you chose for her makeover. You should be proud.

  2. That is a huge difference. Good job! Especially on getting your nerve up to do it.

    The thistle is pretty. I didn't know people grew thistles on purpose.

  3. I love the makeover. Her eyes are really gorgeous!

  4. Wow! What a difference. I liked it before but now you've turned it into something very special. It sounds like you've got a treasure of a teacher.

  5. Yes, I love the makeover, too. The colors are fabulous! And the thistle photo is a winner! hugs,nancy

  6. wow! night and day. The other was sweet, this new rendition is striking!

  7. I totally love the bold, new version!
    it can be scary taking that kind of bold step and I'm so glad it was rewarding :)

  8. Wow! Your do-over is wonderful...she is beautiful!!

  9. Thistles are lovely and I like the round shape of this one.
    The second version of the lady with the big hair is really good, the colours are great!

  10. Great make-over! I really like your color choices.
    I always liked thistles too.

  11. You have made a lovely job of the make over... really lovely colours. I am also really enjoying seeing your photography... I have just upgraded myself to a 'proper' camera (!) and am about to start getting to grips with it - I want to get lots of photographs I can use as reference for some of my art work. Your pictures are really inspiring, thank you for sharing.

  12. Excellent colors in the face!! I really like it!