Friday, June 11, 2010

Reading, Eating and Redos

A friend of mine was telling me about a great book she was in the middle of and I knew I wanted to read it. I tried to find it at the local library, but they didn't have it. I tried to borrow it through MelCat, but they had a waiting list for it. So when I was in Target the other day, I saw it and it was 20% off in paperback. I couldn't help it - I bought it. I finished it around 2 this morning and LOVED it. It is "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson. I am taking it to my daughter today so she can enjoy it too. Don't you love sharing books?

Last evening the hubster played tennis so I was on my own for dinner. I made myself a large salad with Romaine lettuce, tomatoes and dried cherries with a teaspoon of Kraft Zesty Italian dressing. I also mixed up some Albacore tuna with hard boiled eggs and a touch of mayo, and ate it with two Wasa wafers. It was quite yummy and satisfying. I am chasing my goal of mid 150s with a vengeance! And I am eating well and not feeling hungry between meals. The meal looks so wet, but it is mostly water on the lettuce.

I so appreciate your suggestions and comments on my failed attempts to make art and so I am reposting my watercolor picture after adding to it a bit with black fine liner. Thanks freebird for your wonderful suggestion. I do like it better, but there is still lots of room for improvement.

The 7 year old has a performance at the Potter Center tonight and tomorrow night doing ballet and tap. I am so looking forward to it and am getting my camera with the long lens ready to go. We have tickets for tomorrow night. Today I am going into town to get the 2 year old sister to bring her to my house. She may stay the night. She is too young to sit through the 3 hour performance.

I'm still in my pajamas and haven't had breakfast yet, so I gotta go!

Love you all - thanks for reading and commenting.



  1. Your dinner looks yummy and cool. Perfect for a hot evening.

    Yes, your picture does look better. I think it'd make a great card front with photoshopped things like Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well... It works for all of those.

  2. Oh, did you know you can lay down more color over your watercolors after they are totally dry? I am painting a bowl in a class (one of Laure's whom I mentioned) and I got it waaaay too light. I usually mess it up by going back in while it's wet (well actually I did that) but this time after the first bit of mess-up I let it dry thoroughly and then went back with a quick wash (as quick as I could) of new color and it hid my mess-up plus gave it the extra color it needed! Yay.

  3. The Dinner was just yummy, do not know about the bread - looks rather dry. I would have used some fresh cooked veggie pasta instead of the bread.
    Now the Watercolor!
    What do you find wrong with your art?
    I have emailed you.
    Strange a group I am in has been having conversations on the Nook and the Kindle ebook readers.
    I have always loved the tapes in cars. Better than the general Radio stations. Of course I love books and have been rebuilding my library.

    Freebird: WC is all about Patience. "Patience is a Virtue"- and it is everything to WaterColor.

  4. Hello number 58, I'm number 64 (only you will understand what that means!!). I've read 'the girl with the dragon tattoo' - it's really big in the UK. It's brilliant isn't it? I'm looking out for the next 2 now. Keep going with the watercolours, you've got a very delicate touch which is really sweet.