Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WIP and More Photography

Remember after the last torrential downpour how our backyard became a lake instead of a creek. Well, now it is back to normal and the yard is lush and beautiful (thanks to the hubster).

Here is another picture from the rosebush in the side garden. It is a newly opened one with a rich color and a wonderful smell.

And finally, my work in progress:  I've added a bit of color with a wash of very watered down Quinacridone Magenta and then mixed up a bit of Ultramarine Blue with a fair amount of Titanium White and splattered it about. In between those two steps, I stenciled a bit with a piece of plastic canvas.
I have a wide selection of papers and textures that I am planning to add today and then I'll go from there. I haven't worked without a plan in a long time and I find it a bit frightening, but also very freeing. I am anxious to work on it more.

But first, I have to run into town and get some softener salt and run by the daughter's house to pet the cats and bring in the mail. Then I'd better do the treadmill or I'll talk myself out of it altogether.

I hope to see you tomorrow - thanks so much for visiting!



  1. Your yard is wonderful!! And your painting is beginning to look very Monet!

  2. salt eh? add salt to your paint and spread with a palette knife!!!! I love the texture it creates!

  3. You have a beautiful yard, Vicki. Yellow roses are a favorite of mine. Your wip has really nice colors and texture.

  4. That yard is gorgeous! The weeds have changed from green to brown in my yard and disappearing gradually under the dogs and my feet. Soon it will be back to just dirt. We just don't have enough water for grass here. Only people in town have it. I am working with my trees trying to get them to grow in spite of the alkaline soil and slightly alkaline water and too much wind. We are getting there but wow, to see such green and prettiness - I'm so jealous!! We haven't had any rain for over 4 months now although our winter rain was better than we'd seen in a long time.

  5. WOW...what a stunning garden!!
    Thanks for passing's always lovely seeing a new face and new creativeness!

  6. Wow! Your yard is gorgeous! I can only dream.

    It looks like you are off to a great start on your WIP, loving the textures so far.

  7. I like the colors you've chosen - it's fun to watch something develop - keep up the great work! nancy