Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Feeling One's Age

I seldom think of myself as middle aged; in fact, I don't often consider my age at all. I have finally learned not to jump from heights (the shock absorbers don't work like they used to), do cartwheels (the wrist joints are more fragile than they used to be), climb trees, etc.

For the most part, I feel like a young woman, full of energy and capable of almost anything (my son still teases me because when Cecil Fielder was with the Tigers, I swore I could run faster than he could). But after the reality of yesterday, I am feeling a bit slower and more aged today.

I picked up my daughter and her two young girls around 9 am yesterday. Nothing is simple when dealing with one's family. We planned this day trip a week ahead of time so that things would go smoothly (NOT). First the top of the baby's bathing suit could not be found. Then we had to stop at Toys 'R Us because she no longer had "floaties" for the girls; she was also out of sunscreen.

By 10 we were finally on the road for the two hour ride. At about 10:20, the two year old decides she has to use the potty. I finally find a place to stop and while her Mom takes her to the potty, I fill up with gas and then take the 7 year old into the gas station/store. I tell her she can choose a small bag of Skittles for herself and one for her little sister. Those little bags that would have cost 10 cents when I was her age (oh, boy here I go again) were 99 cents each!!!!!!!

We arrived at my sister's around noon and spent three hours. The girls loved the pool and had a lovely time. Anne's husband cooked the brats and hot dogs we'd brought along on the grill and I put a plate of tortilla chips with shredded cheese on top into the microwave, and we had a lovely lunch. I so enjoy visiting my sister, but usually we have more time to talk, walk the garden and play games. But today was more for the girls than for me. (No, I didn't transport the brats and hot dogs on the grill! Is this called a dangling participle? Whatever! I hope you can follow this paragraph even though it is not gramatically correct. Am I being graded on this???)

We hit the road around 3 and the baby was asleep before we even got out of Stevensville. The trip home was uneventful except for the endless line of trucks and the heavy traffic. I hate driving on I-94!!!!

I finally got back to my house around 5 pm to find that a friend had called to see if the hubster and I wanted to meet for dinner. I was tempted to say no, until I talked with her and discovered that she and her husband wanted to meet at the golf course bar/restaurant only about 2 miles away. I was all for no cooking and no dishes.

We had a nice visit with our friends and ate a meal and then headed home to watch the Tigers play the dreaded Minnesota Twins. The Tigers were in the lead and I watched until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I don't know what time it was when I went to bed, but I am pretty sure it was way earlier than I usually do.

 I sure hope the Tigers won.

Needless to say, I didn't get any art time yesterday, but hope to work on my mixed media canvas with the leaves and birds today. I do have a couple photos for my "photo a day" post:

This is a windmill the hubster built that sits at one end of a small berm in the north yard. And here is one of a small thing that is part of my irrational fear (we all have at least one of those don't we?):

I am quite frightened of stinging insects (bees, wasps, hornets...). The hubster was quite impressed that I had actually gotten this close until I reminded him that I had a long lens and was probably 15 feet away from this dangerous creature.

I fully intend to get some work done on my birds in trees piece today. I am going to try to add farmers' fields, a barn and some kind of separation of earth from sky. Hopefully I won't totally mess it up!

I promise to share tomorrow. Until then, thank you for visiting; you make my day!



  1. I enjoyed reading the whole thing =) It's an interesting journal page, and those photos are great too!
    I kinda felt the same way when I was playing soccer with kids 10 years younger than me, I could have sworn that they were slow but the fact is that I AM slowerr =) And after about an hour of play, all my joints were hurting... when I was their age, I could play for 2-3 hours straight...hahahaha.
    Anyway, I just want to say that it happens to all of us I guess...yeah, I believe that Windmill is the same too.
    Oh yeah, you were asking what I used for the Ship in the Fog, it was all pencils ^^

  2. Vicki, Your bee photo is fantastic! And I enjoyed reading about your day with your family. I live a ways south east of Stevensville and its a beautiful part of Michigan.

  3. My grandkids were here last week for a few days. After they leave it takes me at least two days to recoup. I am so used to quiet and calm now that although these are not rambunctious kids (they spent more than 50% of their time on computers) it is still more than I can handle. Of course, I am the one doing the cooking and most of the dishes and everything else that needs doing to keep everyone happy.

    Love you pics. The bee is a pretty good shot but the windmill looks terrific. You've got the white fanblades where the deep shade is so they really stand out and its so clear. Really nice.

  4. I know it tired you out, but how lucky you are to be able to do things like that with your girls. And, then you got to go out to dinner! What a day. And, to top it off, you got your daily pictures taken -- very nice indeed!! hugs nancy

  5. Oh how I can relate! Good thing that you were flexible on the schedule! For some strange reason I only got the bee picture. My love/hate relationship with the computer goes on.

  6. I have a pretty nice scar from last year's wasp sting, so I completely understand that fear! In fact, my husband teases me because when they come near I dance around making weird noises as I freak out, just a little!! Nice photos!

  7. Vicki, I know what you mean about feel the age but most of the time not even thinking about it. The day sounds lovely, everything that went into it has created a memory for you and gee--a few years down the road you'll be laughing with your daughter about having to stop for floaties! Probably about the time the baby is 10 or 11 years old. :) Lovely photos for your daily! Are you doing the Drawing Lab class on A.R.T? I keep seeing you in different forums this summer. I must be getting out more or something in blog and forum land. Cheers!

  8. Well, I got tired just reading about your day :-) Great photos but please do stay away from those bees!