Friday, June 4, 2010

Colored Pencil Apple

One day while Mom was here, I ran into Michael's to get a set of 24 watercolor pencils that were 50% off and I decided to try them.

I drew an apple and then used a few layers to color it. I didn't add water.

I want to add another apple or two and it definitely needs a bit of shadow to ground it.  For now, I am not totally displeased with it, but hope to make it better as I go. It looks a bit rough around the edges, too.

Today, I need to go into town to do a bit of grocery shopping and promised my daughter that I would bring her a bowl of homemade chicken soup for lunch. I still need to wash my car, too.

I'm hoping to have a great day and hope the same for you.



  1. Hi Vicki
    I think your apple is looking good!

  2. I can feel the crunch of the first bite of that apple.

  3. It looks nice so far! I'm always afraid to use these pencils and leave the picture in the dry form as then I might not remember and get it wet. I did that once by accident. I used them on one page, used the back side of the page later for another drawing this time wetting it and the wet soaked through making the other picture splotchy. I should only work on one side of the page as that makes 3 pages somewhat ruined by what I did on the page following. Aargh.

  4. Wow, you even have a nice sheen on the apple. Very well done!

  5. I think your apple looks great. I have been using watercolor pencils for about a year now and love them. You can't the same effect as watercolors but they have a beautiful texture all of their own. When you dip the pencil directly into water you get an entirely different look. One that I am not sure I like. Enjoy your pencils.

  6. Love your apple, I could almost reach out and pick it up and taste it. Great job.

  7. Beautiful! Well done! Really hear that crunch. It is juicey Apple too!! Oh, good thing I have napkins, a little juice on the chin.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. When I 1st saw it in my Google reader, I thought it was a photo.

    It's very realistic except the edges are not rounded. Nice job, Vicki!

    I think you will be an artist about whom I can say, "I knew her when" ;-)

  9. Looked real enough to eat. Try that same technique drawing other things and see how it turns out.

  10. i get a little smile when i see some lovely life drawings and really do like a good coloured pencil ones alos gives some colour to the whole thing