Friday, July 2, 2010

Lavender and the Face on the Collaged Background

My photo of the day is not a spectacular one, but it is very soothing to me. I love the color and there is something about a lavender plant that evokes lying in the sun in the summertime without a care in the world.

What do you think? What does it conjure up for you?

And I have painted the face on the collaged background. I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be. In retrospect, I realize I should have sealed the papers once more with matte medium before beginning. As I painted, the papers buckled from the wetness and it was very trying to get things to go as planned. I am not overly unhappy with her - her nose needs work and the shadow to the left of her mouth is "dirty", but overall, I like the impact of the face.

Comments? Suggestions?

I am involved in a swap of ATCs with a friend in Niles, Michigan, and will get them put together today so that I can hopefully send them on Monday unless the PO is closed for the holiday. If so I will put them in the mail on Tuesday. I will share them with you once I know she has received them.

I hope you have a safe, fun holiday weekend.



  1. love the colors of the collage done this gives the sense of mystical realms... like in the dreams or something, very interesting!

  2. Weeding the herb garden that has lavendar in it is one of the most pleasant "chores" in the world. It is so soothing and your photo makes me want to spend the morning doing just that. I've got your ATC's and a little surprise all ready to mail and they should go out tomorrow. I hope you like them!

  3. Vicki-I think your face turned out great!! I love the colors!

  4. Wow! Your face looks great!! I wouldn't change a thing!! :-)

  5. Nice job on the face. I am still watching videos. I think I am too scared to start! Plus I am trying to finish another class and getting going on another. If I get the paints out, I have to really get going since we are super dry right now so I put it off. You are doing great though.

  6. Golly, I consider those "mistakes" the beauty of the media. To me, you did really well.

  7. I love this face - it has a 'quirkyness' that is so attractive.

  8. I understand about the crinkling when not sealed well, had it happen to me not too long ago. So bad in fact, that I didn't show anyone that painting! Yours turned out very well! I would change the shadow a bit, but I really like the composition and the colors of the rest!