Friday, July 23, 2010

Photo of the Day and Playing with Blogger

Today's photos are not new to me, but they will be new to you. They are a couple of my favorites.

I think I particularly like this one because of the branch she is sitting on and how it "frames" her.

This one I like so much I printed it out and it is matted and framed and hanging in my art room.

I am still in much pain and have not been out and about carrying the camera. I have an ultrasound today that I hope will shed some light on my problem so that a solution can be found.

I don't have any sketches to show you today, but I think you probably noticed that my blog looks different. I decided to change it up and will continue to play with it until I think it is just right. I like this one, but am not sure this is how it is going to stay.

I'd like to add some of my own art as a header, but haven't figured that out yet. Perhaps someday when I am feeling better??

Thank you so much for all your well wishes and concerns. I hope to have a resolution to my pain when I "talk" to you on Monday.

Until then, 



  1. I hope your pain goes soon and you're back to rude health :-) I like the new look of your blog. It's quite easy to put a piece of art of your own in the header but you need to get the size sorted out first. For your blog I should think it would need to be about 600 pixels wide by, say 350 - 400 high. When I changed mine I had to keep going back and re-sizing the photo of my sketch until it fitted right. Fiddly, but fun and worth it in the end! Good luck. If I can help at all I'll be happy to.

  2. I'm not surprised you framed the photo of the lilies, they're beautiful.
    Get well !

  3. I like the new blog look. The other seemed to bright. Needless to say, we are all hoping for a quick resolution to your pain. Hugs.

  4. I like the new look of the blog. Hop you feel better soon.

  5. Sure hope you feel better soon. This is going on too long!

  6. Glad you found something to distract you for a bit, and look how nice it turned out! I like the new look a lot. Birds and flowers, you're so good at photography! Hang in there, my friend, it will get better. hugs, nancy

  7. Hey Vicki! I hope you are feeling a bit better today and that you get a diagnosis and relief soon! I Love your banner with the faces and the color scheme. be well...