Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photo of the Day and EDM #16

Today's photo is not a new one, but it is a favorite. It was taken in the Leelanau Peninsula from my vantage point on the beach at Good Harbor Bay. This is the picture as it came out of the camera; it is not enhanced in Photoshop - just cropped.

I also have a quick sketch that I drew for EDM #16, a favorite tool.

Yesterday was a very long day. My daughter took me to Allegiance (formerly Foote) Hospital in Jackson where I went in to be triaged so they could decide whether to see me in ER or the walk-in clinic. They chose ER.

Everyone seemed, from the beginning, to think it was my appendix and so all day (I arrived around 8:15 am and was released around 4 pm) I couldn't have anything. I so wanted a glass of ice water! At any rate, they took blood, started an IV with saline into which they twice put 4 mg of morphine. There is something strange about morphine (or maybe this is what it is supposed to be like) in that it doesn't relieve my pain, but makes me woozy and sleepy.

At about 10:15 they had me drink this awful tasting stuff in preparation for a CT scan. When I finished it, the nurse called CT and told them that I would be ready for the scan in an hour. An hour came and went, two hours went by, the nurse called back down to the CT area only to be told they didn't have a record of her call to tell them when I had finished that awful liquid. WTF??!!

At 1:10 I was taken to the CT area and had something put into my veins through the IV site and the scan was done. At 2:30 the doctor came in to tell me the good news - "You can keep all your internal organs", but the bad news - we don't know what it is so we are calling it a stomach virus.

My son came and got me (he still has my car) and brought me home. I took the Vicodin and Motrin they gave me and promptly went to sleep. I was so dopey from the Vicodin that I took at 4 that I couldn't stay awake to watch the Tigers (which is just as well since they lost AGAIN!).

I got up this morning at 6:30 and feel pretty much as I did yesterday. If I stay in a certain position, I feel no pain, but if I move the wrong way - YIKES! I can't take any meds today as I am tutoring math this morning and even though I am sure I could do Algebra in my sleep, I don't want to have to prove it.

I am supposed to be driving up north tomorrow to stay at my Mom's and attending my 40th class reunion on the weekend, but haven't decided if I will be able to go or not. For now I am taking it one day at a time.

Thank you for all your well wishes. Here's hoping either this thing resolves itself or I can get in to see my family doctor and he has some other ideas.



  1. That's another beautiful shot. And lovely sketch. I am sorry to hear that you had to go through so much trouble and pain to find out that you have had stomach virus(serious don't know what it is). But I sure hope that you'll get well really soon.
    Interesting point there doing algebra in your sleep ^^ I'd be vomiting foam if you ask me to do one with 8 variables again

  2. I'm glad you can keep your organs, but it is very frustrating to not know what is causing pain. I will be thinking of you!

  3. Hoping that you get to feeling better quickly. Hospitals can really tick you off. I wonder at times if some of the folks on staff aren't there just to p*** patients off. My 22 year old grandson just has a second back surgery in three weeks and in recovery when he was complaining of pain, a nurse said," we understand pain since we have all had babies." I won't say what he wished on her. LOL I do hope whatever it is that is bothering you packs its bags and leaves.

  4. I'm sorry you had such a tough day -- our medical system can be so frustrating. There's no telling how long you could have been sitting there if the nurse hadn't double checked. I hope tey find the problem soon or it just fades away as virus' tend to do. But back to your photo -- STUNNING! The color is amazing.

  5. Sorry to hear what you went through and I do hope you are feeling better very soon. Stunning photo and great sketch!

  6. Morphine acted the same way on my husband. They gave it to him after he had his kidney removed. He got really weird on that stuff but it didn't take away the pain. He started hallucinating on it.

    I sure hope the pain goes away. It seems weird that if you stay in one position you don't feel it but if you move, you do. That makes it sound like a muscle or nerve. Well good luck. I hope you feel better enough to go to your mom's.

  7. That's some sunset..wonderful colours!
    Glad to hear that they don't think it's your appendix, take care of yourself.

  8. How frustrating to go through all that and not even come back with an answer! I do hope everything works out soon!

    Love the photo. Incredible colors! And nice sketch! Great job on the perspective.

  9. Yikes, what a crummy situation. Bad pain-go away. Hope that helps! Let us know.

  10. That photo is just stunning, and I can't believe that with all that pain you're still posting! You put me to shame. Hang in there .... it will get better. hugs, nancy

  11. Oh Vicki! Lots of be well thoughts beamed right at you! I hope this gets figured out and cleared up so you can have fun this weekend!! beautiful photo and great sketch even in pain you are good!

  12. So sorry to hear what you're going through Vicki - I'm glad you don't have to have an operation, but it's frustrating now knowing what's going one - Take care of yourself.

  13. That sounds just so nasty, Im sorry you have to feel like this and go through all that stuff atthe hospital, good news that you can keep everything : ) I hope you feel much better sooner than later. The picture is amazing, what a sunset (I love the colours of the water)... All the best, hugs


  14. Vicki! Horrible! Sorry, I have not posted. I have been ill for the last five to six days. Just did not have the strength or desire to do anything. Bummer too! I was on vacation. Please get a second opinion. This is not right for a virus. Something is wrong. A good doctor should be able to tell if it is an Appendix by feeling the Abdomen. I know they do other test. I am terribly conserned. I had had Heat Exhaustion. Do not get it.
    Horrible. Still no real appetite.

    (( Circle of His Healing Angels Come to You ASAP! ))) Praying Praying Praying
    Sherrie Roberts

  15. Your photo is tremendous. I love your drawing of the tool!

  16. I'm sorry you're having such problems and pain. It can be so frustrating when the body isn't up to what the mind wants. Good luck on your trip, I truly hope you feel better for it.

  17. Stunning photo!