Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photo of the Day and A Bit of Art

Good morning! I have the day off today - except for the fact that the bathrooms again need a good cleaning, the carpets need to be vacuumed, the kitchen floor needs to be swept, my art room needs a good straighten, and I need to get to the library and the post office - and I still don't have my car back! I think I am just going to ignore this dirty house and do some art.

To begin, here is today's photo. The hubster called me outdoors yesterday afternoon after he and Miss 2 spotted this beauty on the butterfly bush. I ran and got my camera, but he was so skittish, this is the only one of about 6 quick shots that isn't blurry with his movement.

Remember the lovely art and handmade book I showed last week from my friend Sandy? Well, I finally got my exchange in the mail to her, but forgot to take pix first. She sent me a picture with all the goodies in it. Thanks, Sandy!

I had a hard time parting with the technicolor face ATC, but after seeing the really wonderful art she sent me, I felt I had to include the face in her package. The accordion book is printed on a long sheet of archival paper and has pictures of kaleidoscopes I made in Photoshop using my own photos. I had a great time playing and making that book. The covers are made from wallpaper covered book board.

I am currently working on drawing faces using my non-dominant hand. I have one done, but intend to fill a page, so I will wait to share until I have the page completed. I need to sit and work on the Drawing Lab today to get caught up. Plus, it is such a fun activity, that once I get started, I don't want to stop.

Those of you who "know" me are aware that I am in love with faces and birds. Here is my latest bird drawing. I rather like him and am tempted to sketch him on watercolor paper and try my hand at adding a bit of color. If I get to that, I will be sure to share.

For those of you who commented on the lack of the color green on the green heron, I must say this:

The person who got credit for naming birds must have been a bit color blind and perhaps a bit backward in his knowledge of body parts. For example, have you ever seen a purple finch? He is not purple - he is red! What about the red bellied woodpecker? The red he sports is on the top and back of his head - not his belly! And the red-breasted nuthatch. His breast is not red; it is a warm brown! Need I say more??

And before I forget, there is another free watercolor webinar coming up! I signed up for the one Molly Murrah did last year and then life got in the way and I wasn't available during the program. So I will try again this year. I copied this from my email:

I think this year, I am going to make it part of my plan to drive to Mason to the lovely bookstore/coffee and use their high speed wireless connection for this class. Mine is too slow for a smooth class and sometimes a class like this puts me over the limit I am allowed for the day and I get kicked off for 24 hours.

I think it is time to finish my second cup of coffee and then get started on some art.

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  1. Your butterfly photo is amazing -- by the time I get my camera ready for a shot like that the subject is long gone! And I hope you do continue on with your plover sketch. I'd like to see the addition of color.

  2. Nice post. Beautiful photo of the butterfly, but I love the plant too. It is funny about bird names, isn't it? But most of all - love how you chose art over all your other tasks of the day! You are my people!

  3. I'm with Sandy - that photo is just spectacular! Your ATCs are really great - the face is truly wonderful with all those colors you used, and I love the book. The plover? I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the color on it. You've got a fine start there, my friend. hugs, nancy p.s., glad to see you have your priorities straight and doing art instead of toilets! har, har

  4. What a beautiful butterfly!
    A lovely collection of artwork to receive as well.

  5. awesome post! I like the photo of the day ^^ And the bird...teehee...he's cute! And yeah, names of birds are weird, I can never understand it anyway.

  6. Oh the plovers!! We have them at the beach in the Hamptons out here and they RULE the beach. Do you live near the water?