Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo of the Day, the Zoo and Murphy's Law

I have a few photos to share today. They were taken at the zoo before my camera battery died (that is where Murphy's Law shows up). Wouldn't you know it, the animals were all performing wildly for us and I had to just watch with my camera dangling around my neck in its case. The lion actually woke up from his nap and roared half a dozen times much to our delight, but alas, I have no pictures to document that wonderful event. We are planning to go to the zoo again later in the summer or early Fall. I sure hope the animals are willing to put on another show for us.

There was some very distracting wires and the like in this picture, so I used some creative license to edit it.

I love the sun and shade in this one.

I just love the eagle, don't you?

We had a change of plans since my daughter had to drive about 20 minutes to pick me up (I still don't have my car). We went to Potter Park Zoo in Lansing instead of driving to Battle Creek.

She stopped in Leslie on the way so that I could mail out my package to a friend and then went on our merry way. I had no idea that I had dropped my cell phone outside of the post office. Actually when I got home, I quick called my daughter because I thought I had probably left it in her car, but while waiting for her to answer, I found it on the cupboard. I still had no idea I had dropped it. 

I was on the computer looking at the few pictures I was able to take before the battery in the camera died when my tutee called to ask me where I had lost my phone. I told her that I hadn't lost it, that somehow I'd left it at home while I was at the zoo. She proceeded to tell me that someone had called her because she was the first contact on the phone to try to find out how to get the phone back to me. The woman who found it got hold of the hubster and he drove over to her house - a mere 3 miles away - and brought it back home. What a lovely woman! 

It was a wonderful day. The 2 year old pushed the umbrella stroller instead of riding in it most of the day. She said her pet wolf was riding in it and she would periodically walk around to the front to talk to him. Miss 7 used the map to decide where we were going next. She is a good leader.

I have sketched a face for my next canvas (once I get the courage and time to finish the current one I am working on) and am quite pleased with how it turned out. I used a picture of my daughter taken as part of her senior picture package a dozen years ago. At least I think I am happy with it - now that I look again - is her ear way too far back??? or is it just me??? I would really appreciate it if you would look carefully at her and tell me. I am tempted to move it up a tad and about one ear's width closer.

I have Miss 7 and Miss 2 today and tomorrow so my art time will be limited, but I hope to find some time this evening to get back to work on the Faces in Technicolor 3rd girl to get her to the point where I dare to share it with you. 

For now, I am going to get a second cup of coffee and chill. The girls will be here within the half hour. I love them dearly and we will have a great day, but they will wear me out.



  1. Hey, fun photos... sorry your battery decided to veg out just when you needed it! The Miss sketches are nice.

  2. In the City of Memphis, TN, Where I did part of my growing up. I was never far from the Zoo.
    It is now a far cry from what I knew as a child. Our poor Lioness had never touched grass. I remember the day she was allowed out into Her moated grass domain. Would could Here Her Roar and Roar and Roar. She was so scared to be out of Her Cage. Finally, The Big Male Lion went through the Door out to the Grass. Within days they brought in a Young Lioness to help calm them down. She then chose to attack all the saplings, which were swaying in the air and so much fun. Our Lioness just laid in door with soft Roars, she had calmed down. We would drop by and check on Her every other day. Low and behold- We Were there! The day she finally went out the door She had plotted Her course. She hit the grass on all fours and Roared, the Male came running, Then to our Surprise she leaped for the Boulders - She made it too! They so powerful, even in age. We were just dumb stuck to see her all of Her and no Bars. I wonder what she thought to see and feel the wind and no Bars.
    Enjoy the Memphis Zoo link. Hundreds hundreds of hours, Memphis has a rehabilitation for birds and especially, Eagles.

  3. I think you're right about the ear. I'm finally catching up with my blogs, this summer has been so busy! We just went out to the zoo in Battle Creek, it's so much nicer than the one here in lansing (though Potter Park has improved a lot.)

  4. Yes, I agree with you. The ear does seem to be a little far back. But besides that its a lovely drawing. I can't wait to see it when its done. And, as you know, I LOVE peacocks and peacock feathers. The colors are truly beautiful and one of nature's wonders. You've done a great job on all your zoo photos.

  5. The ear is a tad small rather than too low. Just increase its height a bit. This coming from someone who hasn't even started a painting yet!

    Your animals are great. Yes, the shadow and light on the animals is terrific.

    Glad you found your phone. I've found mine on the ground at Walmart where I tripped over a hose (realized my phone was missing a while later and backtracked) and I've had it returned by someone who called to say they'd found it outside a store. I keep it in an inside pocket of my purse now even though I sometimes don't hear it when it rings.

  6. This is a lovely drawing. You're right about the ear, and I think you'll like the whole face better if you lower her eye (the one on the left) just a bit.

    May I suggest that you hold it up to a mirror before you touch it? It will be much easier to see where things need to go.

    Good luck. I hope we get to see the process!

  7. Lovely of you to come and visit over at our have a wonderful World over here and am in awe of your photos of the day...
    dial up is killing me...

  8. Thanks for the info on the pileated woodpecker! :D

    These are lovely photos and will make great references for future paintings!!

    Agree with your assessment about the ear. Bringing her ear forward will also help thin out her neck. And, agree that the left eye(our left) needs to come down some. Look forward to seeing them finished!

  9. How great that you got your phone back! Whew!! As for the ear, if you look in the mirror, you will see that the top of your ear is pretty much even with the top of your eye, so I think it needs to come up a bit. I agree with you that it also needs to come forward and be closer to the eye. The angle of the eye on the left doesn't bother me - it just looks like her head is cocked, which would make the eye higher than the other one. HTH. hugs, nancy

  10. Nice photos again! =)
    And on the portrait, I believe you're already taking the advise from everyone so you don't need mine anymore =) I am sure it'll turn out good, so I can't wait to see it.

  11. I love your drawing but I especially love your zoo pictures. What kind of camera and lens were you using? I went to the zoo 2 weeks ago on a photo shoot and will be going again Friday. It was too hot for the animals to even want to do anything! HOpefully they will be more alive for my photo shoot on Friday!

  12. Anonymous

    I recently bought a Panasonic Lumix to replace the point and shoot that I gave to my daughter. I really like it, but I cannot manually focus it when it decides to choose something other than what I am trying to shoot as the focus.

    I usually take my Canon Digital Rebel when I go to the zoo. It is an SLR and I have a couple of different lenses, so a lot more choices.

    But since I was accompanying Miss 7 and Miss 2, I didn't want the added bulk and fussiness involved with an SLR, so opted for the Lumix.

    I ordered a backup battery yesterday and hope that will resolve the problem that I had at the zoo this time.