Friday, July 9, 2010

Photo of the Day and Drawing Lab

I so envy the people with their beautiful long lenses that are able to get those wonderful bird shots like the ones found here, but every once in a while I am able to get a picture through a window with my wimpy long lens that I am quite happy to share.

In one of the Yahoo! groups to which I belong we are doing a workshop using Carla Sonheim's wonderful book, "Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists". What a lovely book this is and what a great way to get yourself to loosen up while exploring drawing. I am a little late in getting started, but have completed Lab 1 and here are my fine drawings.

This is "Drawing Cats in Bed"

This one is what I made by choosing one of the cats in the picture above and playing with it in Photoshop.

I have many items on my list of things to accomplish today:

- walk the treadmill 
- unpack
- call the carpet/blinds professional cleaners
- get my trade with my friend, Sandy, in the mail
- get my ATCs for the ATCsForAll trade in the mail
- restart my third girl in the Faces in Technicolor class (she was a disaster and is now buried under gesso and molding paste)
- do Lab 2 in Carla's Drawing Lab book
- replace the pix on the digital photo frame in the living room
- strip beds and do laundry

There are probably a lot more things I should be doing, but I am trying to throw off the shoulds and just take it as it comes.

What do you have planned for today?



  1. That bluebird is so cute! Look how fluffy it is. I love it. I think I may have to get that book - your kitty drawings are really cute. You captured them with just a few lines. Well done, busy girl! hugs, nancy

  2. Is that a bluebird? Fabulous photo!! And your cats are darling!

  3. Crumbs, that's a BUSY day!! I've been swimming, completed a project for a client and made some jam, but that feels lazy compared to your list...

  4. Your cats are fun and playful! This book is fun, isn't it?

  5. Great pic of the bird. I never get them that close! Really cute on the cat.

    Hopefully my day will include lunch in town, class homework from several classes and some watering of trees.

  6. Gorgeous photo of the bluebird! Look at the texture on that chest!! Looks like he's made of lamb's wool.

    I've been hearing a lot about this book lately and seeing your lab work has made me add that to my list of wants. Boy is that list getting long!

  7. Incredible shot! Love the kitty gesture sketches - what fun!

  8. Beautiful photo f the day! I could already see Revelle starting on that one already =)
    THe cats are really nice too... reminds me of my cat who really thinks he's a dog ^^

  9. I just read your comment that you're going to HOLLAND for a three day art workshop!! WOW! How cool! Congratulations!

  10. Beautiful bluebird! Love the shot - we don't have them down here. Cool cat page too! I think it's great all you are exploring artwise.

  11. I have attended soccer games today. The fields are next to farm land and I did take a few pictures of the sunflowers:) Your bird picture is exquisite.

  12. Vicki: I've been away from EDM for a while, just recently back and getting supplies for branching out into mixed media, ATC's, postcards, etc.

    Is this workshop for Drawing Lab an online group or one that you're doing on your own?

    Joan/Jesse in Las Vegas, NV

  13. Vicki, that's a beautiful shot of that bird! It really doesn't matter the toys so much as the eye and the patience for the right shot. IMHO! :D :D