Monday, July 19, 2010

Photo of the Day and More Drawing Lab

Why is it that when you think you need to be seen by a medical professional it is Saturday or Sunday. I have been in pretty serious pain in my lower right abdomen for a couple of days, today worst of all. I am just waiting to call until they open at 8:00. I've decided that if they can't see me today, I will go to an urgent care center.

There is a complication - I still don't have a car. My daughter has agreed to come and get me and take me wherever I decide to go to be seen. I hate going to the doctor, but today I will take my sketchbook and make myself do some quick sketches of people/things I see while I am waiting.

Today's photo:

Don't you just love dahlias?!

I'd also like to share some drawings I did for the Drawing Lab that I am participating in with the Artists of the Round Table group. The book is by Carla Sonheim and is a really cool, useful book.

These are non-dominant hand drawings. A really tough, but fun assignment!

As the name implies, these are cheater blinds - almost blind contours, but you can check your position once in a while. These are drawn from family pix.

This lab is called "100 Faces" As you can see, I wasn't at my best for these and it is messy, but it is my journal/practice book. For now we are being asked to draw 3 out of 100.

Stanley Steemer is on the way to clean my carpets, so I'd better get some breakfast and get organized so that I can call the doctor precisely at 8. Here's hoping I can get in and that it is not something serious!!



  1. Beautiful photo and fun sketches from the Sonheim book. Three of us (wives) worked on it every night during our recent beach week while our husbands watched gold or baseball after dinner. I never sketched with my non-dominant hand before and actually did a page!

  2. I tried drawing a picture of my husband last night with my left hand! Yikes. I am so very right handed--I could hardly draw with my left at all and I was also laughing so much at my awkwardness, it didn't make it any easier!! Fun class, isn't it!

  3. Gorgeous photo and nice sketches! =) And I could sense the fun in them too

  4. Hope it's nothing serious! Have you had your appendix removed?

    Love your flower.

    I'm never at my best when doing faces, lol. I guess that's why she asks you to draw 100 of them. I need to do some of that book. It looks like you are all having fun with it.

  5. Oh my gosh! I hope you're OK, Vicki. Please let us know what happens. In the meantime your dahlia is beautiful and it would make a great subject for a sketch -- that is, when you get done with the Stanley Steemer man and the doctor, etc.!

  6. Pretty dahlia photo, and nice work on the "cheater blinds"! I hope you feel better soon.

  7. A beautiful dahlia, hope everything goes ok at the doc's.

  8. I have this book too and yesterday I was drawing cats. Fat cats! Great fun.

  9. This book is on my wish list! I really like the drawings you did with your non-dom hand! Martina and Sean are very good! I think sometimes, when we use our non-dom, it forces us to look more closely at what we're drawing, and thus we come out with some truths that we would not have otherwise seen. Yes, these are my favorite out of all your face sketches here!

    Lovely photo. And I do hope you are not seriously ill! Hope you feel well soon!

  10. I hope you are feeling better. Love the picture. Good work on the Drawing Lab!

  11. Vicki: Hope you're OK, this doesn't sound good.

    Lovely photo of the dahlia, one of the more dramatic flowers I love.

    Drawing with the non-dom hand is fun to practice, it takes us out of our comfort zone, forces us to be looser and makes us learn to "see" rather than just "look"...


  12. Wow, you have been busy! Faces are such a tough thing to draw and I really commend you for tackling them. I especially like your non dominant hand drawings. just lovely!