Monday, November 22, 2010

Manic Monday

Another whirlwind weekend and another busy start to the week. The hubster had a craft show in Dansville on Saturday, so I followed him there to help him get unpacked and then came home because the daughter had called on Friday night to ask if I could take the girls on Saturday if she needed me. As it turned out she didn't need me, so I drove back a little after noon and then helped him get packed up again at 4 pm. He had a pretty good day.

I got a phone call in the middle of the day yesterday to ask if I could take the girls overnight and then drive Little Miss 7 to school this morning. Little Miss 3 is here too. Little Miss 7 is in the shower and I am waiting for the coffee to drip. Miss 7 only has a half day today so will ride the bus back to my house around 1 pm. Their Mom, my dear daughter who is way too overworked at Toys R Us at this time of the year, will pick them up around 4:30. She has tomorrow off.

Meanwhile, I did get a little bit of art done yesterday. I made another little buttonhole stitch book using wallpaper and some nice heavyweight sketching paper. I think next time I will double up the wallpaper to make it a bit sturdier. I think I will also either make two openings so there is a band in the middle or make the opening shorter.

Here is a picture of the books I've made in the past year and a half. This doesn't include the ones I gave as gifts or the ones that have been purchased.

These include (from the left) the two I made and showed the other day, a Japanese stab stitch journal, a landscape orientation journal using the same method as the "I Dare You" book, an accordion book with ties, today's book, the "I Dare You" book, a cased in book using a text block from Hollander's, the coptic soft cover book from the class of a couple weeks ago, and the buttonhole stitch book from the same class, another one like the "I Dare You" book, but with a wallpaper soft cover. a coptic stitch travel themed journal with each signature wrapped in orange paper, and finally an accordion spine book with ties from a class last year.

I did manage to do a sketch yesterday. He is not the cutest model, but he lives in my creek and spends time in the yard eating grass.

Micron pen and colored pencil.

Coffee is ready and Miss 7 is out of the shower so it is my turn. I will try to get another book made today and will attempt to do some art with the girls after Miss 7 gets home from school.

I hope to see you tomorrow.



  1. Your muskrat certainly is "cute!" He looks like an illustration in a children's book. I had no idea you'd made all those books. Do you ever find time to fill them up? It sounds like your days are already full.

  2. Busy lady!! Lovely books, cute muskrat, lots to do, and wonderful company to do it with! hugs, nancy

  3. Cute sketch and beautiful books ! How busy you are !!!

  4. What a cute muskrat:) Your binded books are fabulous! They are so much prettier than an "art store" sketchbook

  5. You been very busy, I like the books (something I have not yet tried to make) and the muskrat is funny, they are fun to watch.

  6. You are doing amazing work on these sketchbooks! You should open an etsy shop with them! (especially since you know what kind of paper artists are wanting!!)

  7. I love that you love your family so much. It really comes thru in your blog posts. I'm envious that you have a muskrat in your creek. :) It's a charming little sketch.