Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Wonderful Art Lesson

Yesterday we had Little Miss 3 and her Mom for lunch. I made my daughter's favorite soup,

Unfortunately, I tried to "roast" the garlic in the microwave and started a fire. My house still smells like smoke. Blah!! I didn't see any flames, just the smoke pouring out and the garlic was black and hard. I used garlic powder instead. The soup was delicious!

Then Miss 3 stayed with us for the day and Miss 7 rode the bus to our house.  And Miss 7 had a great surprise for me. She had a project she made in art class and she was going to teach me how to do it. She gave great instructions and when I made mistakes, she was quick to tell me that it was okay and that I was doing a great job.

Here is her art piece from school:

She actually gave me step by step instructions beginning with "start with your paper sideways, now draw a line toward yourself  leaving space at the top and bottom, now draw a capital B....."

Here is how mine turned out:

She was so happy with how that lesson went that she wanted to teach me how to draw a girl, too. Again she gave step by step instructions and drew a girl at the same time as I drew mine. I think I like hers better. 

Her instructions were very specific including naming the girl, giving her age, identifying ourselves and our ages and the date in a box.

I am so happy to have my little artist who is so generous with her time and talent to want to share them with me. It seriously warms my heart. We took the girls to their house after dinner and stayed until their Mom got home from work around 11:30. We (mostly the hubster) spend the entire time moving an old entertainment center from the living room to Mom's room and putting together a new shelf unit and installing a new tv.

I am still in a bit of a funk and think it must be because a boy who was a very good friend of my son while they were growing up committed suicide earlier this week. He was 29.  I'm not sure they kept in close touch with each other since high school. I don't think they were particularly close after they grew up, but for a period of several years they were the best of friends, playing on the same sports teams, spending overnights together, going to church together....

I will be keeping my other Little Miss 7, my son's daughter this weekend so that he can attend the funeral and say his goodbyes. I am so very sorry for this young man's family.

I know for sure that life is too short and that we MUST remember to spend time with our loved ones, hug them, hold them, and always let them know how important they are to us.

Sorry for ending this post on such a sad note.



  1. So sad when somebody is not able to see the joys in live. If we are able to experience them, we must be grateful.
    Glad to see you are. Great to create art side by side with your granddaughter, you being thaught, beautiful.

  2. you girls are to funny...hate to be rude.......but her owl is just wonderful.....she beat ya on that one.LOL

  3. I love miss 7's owl, soooo much I was inspired to do one myself just now. Thank her for spreading the happiness of easy drawing world wide! :-)

  4. I am always so amazed at how talented our little ones can be. Her owl is fantastic. I am so sorry about your son's friend. It was certainly a life cut too short.

  5. What great drawings the two of you did, you've got a great drawing instructor!

  6. How fun to do art together like this! Sorry about your burned garlic. That soup sounds so delicious!

  7. Such a sweet art lesson for you from Miss we have a future teacher here?

    Very sad about your son's friend. How tragic when life is so burdensome for one so young and can only see one option.

  8. This makes me wish I did something like this for my family. I love it. Very nicely put together and I love the art. Note to self, don't microwave garlic. Nice blog layout too.

    Draven Ames

  9. Lovely sketches full of great memories!
    I' m sure you had a wonderful time with your little one and it's so important for you and for her to make the most of it. She'll remember these moments later on !So sad this young man didn't manage to grasp a helpful hand !

  10. I think you have a burgeoning teacher on your hands!

  11. I love kid art, the owls are so cute.

  12. Thats just fatastic and she is a great art teacher : ) Looks like you had great fun... You both did a smashing job, love the owls and the portraits are great too.

  13. Bravo little miss 7! She is obviously one of us! I love the patterns you created on the owl - I am sure that is what blew her away.

  14. She has the makings of a great art teacher!! These are wonderful!

  15. What a wonderful post - from the delicious soup recipe to the lovely drawings with the story to describe it all. It's very sad about your son's friend. How tortured he must have felt. BTW, sometimes Andrew "roasts" unpeeled garlic in a small frying pan in olive oil on top of the stove. It works like a charm, especially if you don't need a whole bulb of it. hugs, nancy

  16. great drawing great recipe great art!So sad for the young man and those that knew him!