Friday, November 5, 2010

Sharing and Blind Contour Friday

The first thing I would encourage each and every one of you to do is to try to meet some of the wonderful people with whom you share this "community". So far I have had the opportunity to meet several and have been so pleased. My latest meeting was earlier this week in Niles. I met Sandy (soundofwings) for lunch and to take the Spellbinder's Wizard to her.

I am quite an outgoing person, but am just a tad nervous of meeting someone for the first time, especially when that meeting is one on one, but I felt that I had known her for some time. We had a lovely lunch and talked practically without a break the whole time. I can't wait to visit her again. I will have to call her and see if she has tried the Wizard yet and how she likes it.

She asked me some time ago if she could use a couple of photos of mine as reference for painting and I was pleased that she asked. Imagine my surprise when I was presented with this beautiful painting:

My photo doesn't quite capture the richness of the colors. It is spectacular and I am thrilled to have it.

I'm almost embarrassed to show you my fairy wren with color added. It really suffers in comparison to the orioles. But here he is:

I think I will try Neocolor II crayons for my next bird.

And for the finale today, I have another attempt at a blind contour. I am still using the bald eagle and expected today's attempt to be absolutely perfect. I really thought that last Friday's looked like I cheated. That should mean that each time I would get better, no? Well as you can see, that doesn't necessarily follow. Here is what I have for you this morning. I obviously need more practice.

I do think he is pretty bad, but ya gotta love that smile!! And the eyebrow!

I have so much to catch up on around here and I hope to work play on another loose watercolor today. I am also tutoring this afternoon and am hoping to get some beef barley soup made. The library was closed yesterday, so I will make that trip today as well. I can't wait to see what they have for me. I spend time online using MelCat and put quite a few books on hold, so it is like Christmas when they call me.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I can't wait for the coptic stitch workshop at Hollander's on Sunday with Nancy. I'll share with you on Monday.




  1. Your little wren is coming along beautifully! The colors look so very soft and you've got some dimentionality (is that a word?) around his head.

  2. Lovely colours on the wren. Lucky you to be able to meet some day.. Anybody feeling like coming to Paris ?

  3. Hi Vicki, I think you've drawn a fine wren! And, you've done an excellent job on the bald eagle. I can see you took your time with the edges - and there are lots of them - and that's what it's all about! Wonderful! Congrats on the friend meet and the lovely painting.

    I added you to Mister Linky for today's Blind Contour Friday. Let me know if you'd like me not to. Thanks a ton for playing!

  4. How exciting to meet an online friend in person... It sounds like you had a great time!

    Your blind contour drawing is great... they're tough to do. Well done :)

  5. Your wren is good Vicki, are you going to give him something to stand on?

  6. I think your wren looks great. Love the colors. Like how you've changed "work" to "play." I think we should all remember to play more in our art. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The bird is a beauty! =) Great job with the colors

  8. Wonderful contour--- the eagle's expression is great!