Friday, November 26, 2010

My Handmade Books and Foodie Friday

I've had several requests for purchase information for my handmade books and inquiries about custom orders. I've added a tab at the top of the blog that links to information regarding purchase including a photo, description and pricing information.

Thank you so much for your interest.


We are celebrating Thanksgiving today to accommodate our children's schedule. I am so looking forward to it. Something seemed to be missing yesterday. Because of the preparations for today, we had a peculiar menu yesterday.

We had fried eggs over rice and black beans for breakfast. YUMMY! Perhaps my favorite meal.

There was leftover Smoky Chorizo and Navy Bean Soup for lunch. HOT and delicious.

And we had the unforgettable romaine salad with fresh mushrooms and tomatoes with a baked potato for dinner. A rare meatless meal around here. Filling and good.

I can't wait for today's dinner.

What are you having today? Do you have lots of tasty leftovers? Did you already have a turkey sandwich as a late night snack last evening?

You aren't one of those CRAZY people who camp out overnight to get a Black Friday deal, are you? I've never gone shopping on Black Friday and probably never will. But who knows, given the right conditions (someone else driving, some spending money, and a good previous night's sleep), I suppose it could happen. The shopping, not the camping out!!!!

I hope you are having a warm and loving holiday season. Do you have your Christmas lights up yet?? Or the other decorations associated with other non-Christian holidays that you celebrate this time of year?? I'm thinking I should refer to the December holiday as xmas, but some people take offense with that.

I sure hope we didn't squander the last warmish day last week and end up putting up the outside lights in the freezing cold!

I am really looking forward to having the little girls over to hang the dated ornaments along the wall in the dining area. They really enjoy it and we do too. It has become a holiday tradition.

I'm still in my jimjams drinking my second cup of coffee. I'd better get this old body in gear!!!.....


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  1. I tried to leave a comment on your T'giving Day post, but it wouldn't let me. So, here I am (still late) to let you know that you're one of the many people I'm thankful to have in my life. .... and no, we haven't put up any decorations for the holidays inside or out, and will probably be outside on one of the coldest days of the year hanging roping! lol hugs, nancy