Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tryout Tuesday

Do you remember I mentioned that I was going to start drawing with pen so I couldn't erase? And how I said I was going to try drawing with my whole arm instead of from the wrist?

It felt really good and was quite fun making this sketch even though it looks a bit wild - of course, an eagle is a wild creature - so maybe wildness is appropriate.

On another note, I watched the videos for the LK Ludwig class, Just Three Journals, that I mentioned yesterday. So nice and easy to understand. And only $15 - if you are at all interested in making your own journals or repurposing old books into new ones, this class is for you. The big bonus for me was that I was meeting a Calculus student at the coffee shop in Stockbridge and they have WIFI and it is quite fast. I just got there early and stayed after we were done with the tutoring session and watched them all.

Now I need to actually follow through by making my first one using one of her methods and/or using one of the methods I used in the Hollander's class earlier this month and share it with you. I had hoped to get one started yesterday, but in the evening I had an Algebra student over and then put some music on and worked crossword puzzles instead.

The daughter just called. She has the day off and is coming out to wrap Christmas presents that she has stored at my house. I have the coffee on and am in my jimjams and think maybe I could be working on a book while she is wrapping. 

I am hoping to have another really good day; the sun is shining (albeit on a layer of frost on the grass) and the birds are active at the feeder. If it wasn't for the sound of the furnace running this would be just about perfect.

I'm hoping you are having a great day wherever you are and that you get some YOU time to do art or whatever else you find of value just for you.



  1. Your eagle is WONDERFUL...............
    Stick with the pen....LOL
    Nice nice head..........would love to see a little watercolor added to it!!!!!!!

  2. Your eagle is full of personality! I second the motion to add a little color to finish it off. OMG! Your daughter is at the wrapping Christmas presents stage? That is one organized girl. I have a couple of presents purchased but I have a long way to go.

  3. I love your wild guy! Keep up the good work. hugs, nancy

  4. The Eagle is of my most Fave birds...stick with the pen!

    Glad you have some time to's always fun with the guys away, isn't pressures, no demands, do what you want when you want. YES!

    I'll check into the bookmaking tutorials...this is something I've always wanted to do. When you do the "how to" I'm hoping you provide step by step with photos...nothing like being demanding, eh?

  5. Gorgeous eagle: Great head and fierce, impressive eyes: I love it ! Throw your rubber away now !!!

  6. Great sketch! I second the adding of color. :)