Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Links and an ATC WC WIP

Good morning,

I'm not sure, but I think October flew by even faster than September and August did. Is there a speed up going on? Thanksgiving is right on the horizon and I haven't a clue where it is going to be celebrated or with whom? And that means that Christmas is looming. Egad!

Anyway, it turns out that I didn't have Friday as a free day last week. I did get my haircut and made a trip to the library, but when I returned home my daughter called to say she was on her way (didn't I check my voice mail?). I had both girls from around 2:30 and they stayed overnight. We had a lovely afternoon and evening, but I certainly didn't get any art done.

On Saturday, little Miss 7 and I dropped off Miss 3 with their Mom; Miss 7 did a quick change and then we went out to breakfast and did a little early Christmas shopping and picked up a few art supplies at Michael's. She was planning to come back late in the afternoon to do art and spend the night, but she decided she wanted to have an evening with her Mom.

I came home on Saturday afternoon and took a nap. I think I was entitled. It is getting harder and harder to run with the young ones.

I did have the rest of the weekend to do art, but first I cleaned the bathroom, dusted my bedroom, vacuumed the living room and swept the entrance.

I am working on an ATC trade that is supposed to be natural waters - oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds. I've started, but still have work to do. Here is the beginning of one that is supposed to be a lake. I used Derwent Inktense Water Soluble Ink Pencils and very little water. I don't know if I like the bits of pencil marks showing through or not. I only have 12 pencils so my color choices are limited. Is it "kosher" to add a bit of traditional watercolor? ink? Maybe I should do some outlining in ink?

What do you think? Does it need more?

I have more artists links for you today:

Lots to do again today. I think the hubster is taking me out to breakfast. I'd better get it together,



  1. You definitely had a busy few days!
    Love your ATC!

  2. Great Watercolor ATC---how about a sailboat in it?
    I find that such a relaxing scene! Great work.
    Jeanne from A.R.T.

  3. neat landscape! a touch of yellow for sunlight would give it a fun twist!

  4. I like it the way it is -- the only suggestion I could make would be to make the horizon line, where the sky meets the water, less distinct. Then it would fade further back into the distance. Hope to see you tomorrow!

  5. I think it's lovely as it is! I like the softness of it.

  6. I've never used inktense, I thought the colours were very bright, but your atc has very soft pretty colours. I would look to see where the light source was coming from and put in a few shadows, and use whatever you, watercolour, mix them all up! It's your artwork so put anything in that makes you happy and satisfied :)

  7. Very nice, and I agree with Cathy - it's your art, so do whatever you like! I think adding some watercolor would be a nice touch. Sandy's suggestion to soften the horizon line is a good one. Well done! hugs, nancy

  8. It is a lovely ATC, and your talent is beyond mine, but I think it lacks a focal point. A setting or resting sun, a tree. birds, something else to draw your eyes to and keep the viewer attention longer.

  9. Your art card is lovely! I like the pencil marks showing and wouldn't blend them away. Thanks for the mention here, you're very sweet to do so :-)