Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Train Wreck Tuesday

I am feeling funky, out of whack, discombobulated; not quite a train wreck, but I wanted an alliterative title. I had a strange, bad dream last night. I don't have a solid memory of it, just feeling like I'd been in a bad place that somehow was the result of my own self destructive choices. Not my usual kind of dream and I am experiencing a residual "bad taste in the mouth" feeling.

I am not a "down" person and never have been. I consider myself to be quite "even-keeled, so I'm pretty sure that I will have kicked this funk before long this morning. Meanwhile, I am in my jimjams drinking a cup of black coffee in my art room. My surroundings are certainly conducive to feeling good.

At any rate, I had little Miss 3 for most of the day yesterday and she was a delight, but she really wore me out. She is a little busybody, jabberwocky, bossypants - the most fun you could hope to have with a 3 year old. I am, however, feeling my age today. And I am going to have her on Wednesday from mid-afternoon until past her bedtime. Little Miss 7 will ride the bus to our house. The hubster and I will take them to their house after dinner and get them bathed and to bed and stay there until their Mom gets off work sometime after 11. This is definitely not the time of year to be working at Toys R Us. The poor dear has no life this time of year.

I am planning to go to Mason with the hubster this morning and then am going to spend time working on a face that I've drawn on watercolor paper. I haven't decided if I will use watercolor or colored pencil or water soluble wax crayons, but I will certainly get some color on it.

I modeled it after Tam, but have made her nose too big and there is something wrong with the curve of her cheek and the shape of her eyes. I'm pretty sure if I hadn't mentioned who I used as a model, you never would have guessed. Here is what I have so far.

The pupils were added in Photoshop; it just looked too spooky without them.

I am also hoping to get some homemade soup made today. I bought more chorizo yesterday and am planning to make a double batch of the soup and freeze half.

I hope you are having a good day without any "out of whack"-ness and that you will have some art to share with me.

I love all your comments and really appreciate being a small part of this huge community.



  1. Bad dreams are the worst but homemade soup makes everything better. Your drawing looks good to me and I can't wait to see the finish")

  2. Did I post this right? Where do you see comments

  3. I hope you've shaken off your dark night musings. Being in your art room should chase all those shadows away. Although I'm having a little trouble seeing your pencil sketch so far it looks lovely -- a little different from the faces you've done before. I'm looking forward to seeing the color on it.

  4. I don't know who Tam is...should I? I think the drawing is fine and look forward to seeing it with color added.

    Sorry about the unsettling dream. I seldom recall a dream. As soon as I wake up, I'm WIDE awake, everything from the nether world is gone. I never wake up in a bad mood either. Some in my family stumble around for an hour, don't talk, can't until the caffeine takes hold.

  5. Your first few words, "I am feeling funky, out of whack, discombobulated; not quite a train wreck" are EXACTLY how I'm feeling right now. I thought you were reading my mind when I first read those words.

    Love your sketch, the soft smile is the best, what a great feature.

  6. Actually, I knew exactly who you were drawing, and I looked at the pic BEFORE I read what you wrote!

    I'm in quite a funk today myself, so I totally relate and I hope you get to feelin' yourself again soon!

    If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place. - Nora Roberts

  7. I am feeling like a trainwreck myself at the moment (you seem to have hit a core there) Your drawing is lovley. There is something in the eyes or mouth that has shows great personality

  8. Your drawing looks nice Vicki and I hope you shake the funk soon - I know your dream was disturbing but it sounds worth looking at...well I would if it were me, but maybe that's not your thing.

  9. I vote for watercolour pencils then touch up with normal c. pencils. What colours will you use for the skin? I don't know who she is but I'm sure it will be lovely!

  10. Excellent start to this! I vote watercolor...but I'm completely biased!! ;D

  11. Looks like a great beginning to this portrait. Even if it doesn't look like the person you modeled it after, it is still a great face on it's own. Can't wait to see it finished.

  12. It really is a great face! I think Tuesday must have been filled with "low sonics" that made so many of us feel a tad funky. Hope you're much better by now (it's Saturday, so I really, really, hope the funk is over!). hugs, nancy