Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Sunny Beautiful Day

The weather this week is definitely making up for the rain and cold we endured for the entire week we spent here last year and so far no sunburn. I am being really cautious and smart to stay out of the mid day sun (I am after all neither a mad dog nor an Englishman).

Yesterday we went to Fort Pickens and had a perfect day for it. We walked around and I took a few pix. I found the stairs hard to climb without pain in my tail bone, but all in all it was a nice outing. Here are a couple of pix:

I think this is the state bird of Florida - the Northern Mockingbird.

After our walk around Fort Pickens, we stopped for lunch at PegLeg Pete's. I had the best gumbo I've had so far, even better than at the Native Cafe. I also had a Shrimp Key West salad without the cheese. A lovely lunch if a bit expensive.

I did get a chance for another quick sketch and chose to sketch one of the little duckies in the hubster's wood burning book.

I think his bill is a little wonky, but he's not bad for a quick sketch. I am trying not to go back and erase, pretending I am using ink.

Before the day is out I will have had my 50,000 visitor to my blog - I am verklempt! I hope you have enjoyed your visits here and when I get home I am going to make a special blank journal as a giveaway. I don't have book making supplies with me here. So watch this space for both a picture of the book and the instructions for how to get in the drawing.

The hubster just went down to the gym and the fog just rolled in. When he returns we are planning a walk on the beach. I am going to have to put some sunscreen on. I am almost sure I can even burn through fog!!

By the way, I have been taking Motrin since mid afternoon yesterday and my tail bone is not nearly as painful as it has been. I will continue every 6 hours until it quits hurting altogether.

Today is the last doctor visit for my dear Jena before her due date next Wednesday. I've already sent a package to Zoë Holdwick with a pair of little leg warmers. Imagine a person who hasn't yet made her appearance getting mail already. I sure hope they kept the label. I will be talking to my son later today to see how the doctor visit went and to find out any other news. Maybe if I am lucky Little Miss 7 will be there and will answer the phone again.

The forecast for lower Michigan today is 58º. The forecast for here today is 67 to 72. I wonder if they will lose all their snow? I hope the weather is nice wherever you are today and that you are having a wonderful day.



  1. That fort looks like the oldest fort in the world! Just think when you touch a stone how somebody else did the same thing so long ago!

  2. Verklempt? Is that a Vicki word or a "real" one? Love the pix of the fort - I'd love to see it. Your ducky drawing is very good - nice job with the proportions. hugs, nancy ps. Yes, the snow is melting, but our lawn remains covered.... we're saving it for your return lest you forget your roots!

  3. Thank-you for the the wishes of a pleasant day! It is nice here in Boston, MA, only regret, I got out with the Sun for just a few minutes at lunch.
    I love the Ducky! Fort Pickens is so wonderful! I wonder what they thought of the world?
    Why, did that want to work so hard for those Buildings.
    Congratulations on the Newbie coming!
    And on your Blog visitors.
    Sherrie Roberts

  4. cute duck & nice fort pix! I think the sketch of the duck is fine as is. Jeanne @ ART

  5. What an interesting place! Wonderful sketch and I can't wait for a chance to win one of your sketchbooks!