Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sketches and Another Sunset

I finally made myself try to sketch some seashells. They are a lot harder than I thought they would be. I find it really hard to get them to look rounded enough and working in pen without color I find it hard to really represent their nuances.

Yesterday we walked the beach in the late morning after the gym and again in the evening to watch the sun go down. I feel so fortunate to be here instead of in the frigid north. The temperatures here have only been in the 40s and 50s, but you only need a hoodie for those. I don't miss the gloves, hats, boots, heavy jacket at all.

If you can stand another one, here is one from last evening just before sunset.

I walked 3 miles on the treadmill and biked 3.3 miles on the stationary bike and did a dozen hanging leg raises this morning. The hubster is at the gym right now. I've had a bowl of cereal with blueberries, kiwi and banana for breakfast.
I need some soy milk and some odds and ends. I think we will drive over to Gulf Breeze to the dollar store and Beall's outlet store to do a bit of shopping. I'm not sure what we will do this afternoon, but the beach is calling even though it is only 46º and is very cloudy.

I finally sent a letter to each of my three grandgirls and I think we will pick up some valentines for them while we are shopping today. I really miss my girls, but have been "talking" to the younger ones on Facebook. While it is no substitute for hugs and kisses, it is still quite fun.

My fourth grandgirl is due on February 23rd and I can't wait for the phone call and pix on Facebook. I sent her (I think they are calling her Zoë) a pair of baby leg warmers from BabyLegs yesterday. They were so cute I couldn't help myself. They have them for both boys and girls. Tell me this isn't just darling:

These ones aren't for newborns, but they have them in newborn size.

I have to get in the shower if I am ever going to be ready for this day trip we are taking. I am so loving the routine of 1.5 hours in the gym each morning, walking the beach, short road trips and meeting my sister and her husband for lunch a couple of times a week. 

I hope you are well and happy - and for those of you in the far north, keeping warm.



  1. Sure a cute baby--with the adorable leg warmers---keeping in shape will help with your creative vitality, too...I think shells are difficult to portray as they are so soft in detail from being tossed by the ocean--

  2. What a nice start on the shells, they look nicely rounded. Beautiful sunset! It sounds like you are doing so many good things for yourself on this Florida vacation.

  3. I think you did well on the shells, you got the curves and roundness, they're good subjects for drawing practice and not easy!

  4. i like the shells - in capturing their simple shapes and textures you've caught some of their magic. don't be too worried about them not looking 'rounded enough' - they're delightful as they are.

  5. That's a goos sunset pic! Thanks for share it!
    I'm looking for sketch some seashells too, but I first have too find some!

  6. You did a great job sketching the sea shells. I love the sunset.

  7. Those are the cutest leg warmers!! Adorable gift!

    The shells look great! I think I even see the one I thought looked like a rose!

  8. Nice sketch of the shells! Beautiful sunset picture as well