Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day and More Pix

I got up early today and drove over to Portofino where my sister and her husband are staying to work out with her in the über gym. We spent about an hour and a half and then I had breakfast with her. I returned home to find the hubster had already done his workout too, so we walked the beach. It is a little late in the day for me - we went out about 10:45 am - so I tried not to stay out too long. It is actually 11:38 now so I must have been out for a bit longer than I planned to be. The wonderful thing is that we walked the beach in shorts and tees - I walked barefoot. I think the water is about as cold as Lake Michigan in the summer time.

A couple of days ago we were out walking and looking and I was ahead of the hubster so I stopped at the edge of the water to commune with the sea. I have been waiting to be delivered of a perfect sand dollar but hadn't had any luck - lots of broken ones, but no whole ones. Well not too much longer I found my first one and then I found another. A day later I found another. I must say that when I was communing with the sea, I didn't specify the size of the perfect sand dollar, so these aren't exactly what I was expecting, but they are beautiful anyway. The largest one is about 1-1/4" in diameter.

The hubster calls them sand nickels.

Now, since I am expecting my fourth grandgirl this month, I just need to find one more. I am going to do some research on how to strengthen them so I can make each of my little girls a necklace.

It doesn't seem like we have been collecting many shells, but each day we bring in our finds and wash them and let them dry and then put them in a large dish that is here in the condo. It is quite a large dish and it is almost full.

I've also taken more pix of the sunset, this one through sand grasses. I like it quite a bit and can't believe how much like snow the white sand looks.

I got a quick pic of this guy "flying" by my window yesterday and thought it was a colorful picture that you might like.

We are going to Margaritaville Beach Resort later today for lunch with my sister and her husband and then who knows. Maybe I'll do some sketching. The hubster has been making really nice woodburning signs. I'll have to take some pix to share with you later in the week.



  1. Lovely pictures Vicki. Happy Valentine's to you too

  2. Beautiful photos! Glad you are enjoying my fair state.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! What a wonderfully relaxing time it sounds like you're having; the photos you've sent have been great for warming up our bones a little - thanks for sharing them!I have fallen in love with the little pelican in the second photo you included on your posting on the 8th; would you mind if I sketched him for one of my EDM challenges? I'll post him as soon as I can figure out how to do it, and e-mail you a photo (if he doesn't look too terrible!) Hope you find another SandDollar (Nickel?)for the granddaughters! Suzanne in Tennessee

  4. Suzanne,

    I can't wait to see your sketch of the pelican. They are interesting birds.


  5. I love shells! I've never seen or heard of sand dollars, they will make lovely necklaces.

  6. thank you for dropping by my blog! and yes, the tea's brewing - milk and sugar? :)

    i love sand dollars - i collected them when we lived in CA. a dear friend gave me a fine gold chain with a sand dollar charm when we left...

    they always remind me of the pacific *sigh*