Friday, February 25, 2011

More Treasures and Blind Contour Friday

I took the five books that I showed you yesterday back to the trunk of the car and brought in 5 different ones. I am just realizing that I didn't just get some really cool covers to repurpose, but some very cool insides as well. Here are the outsides of these five:

This one is actually a daily diary.

The one called "Dailyguide" is actually a diary with interesting details. It is dated 1966. Here are a few random entries:

April 25

"Partly cloudy and cool morning. Cultivated our garden with tractor and opened up rows for Mrs. Price. Left for Pensacola about 10:30 am. Took Bess peas and strawberries. Cleaned berries ready for eating. Stopped with HB awhile, took him supper on way to TV station. On the air with Okaloosa Rally at 7:30. Off at 8:30. A light rain at L. Hill."

June 14
"about 70º at 6 am. High aobut 85º; partly cloudy. John and I hauled some more slag from RR. Took John to work at mill. After lunch cleaned and oiled fans. After John came home from work at 2 pm we hoed along fence and ditch at gardens. Rosa Lee worked at machine upstairs. Got summons for jury duty. Painted patched spots in wall at Clubhouse."

I have to quit reading it now or I won't get anything else done today. I remembered to do a blind contour and another almost blind drawing (I didn't have my glasses on and I was still a bit shaky from my hour and a half workout. It was difficult to control the squigglies for her fur).

The hubster has just gotten back from his workout and I think we will take a walk along the beach. I won't be able to stay out long because it is already 74º and it is almost 10:30 so I'll burn if I stay out too long....just back from the beach walk, as you can see I can't stay out long at this time of day. I've decided the thing I am going to miss most when I go home isn't the lovely temperatures (but I will surely miss them), but the ever-present sound of the waves.

I'm going to have a quick breakfast - maybe some peanut butter on whole wheat toast and then get in the shower and get this day started!!

I hope you are having a lovely, arty day wherever you are.....



  1. What do you mean, "get this day started", you nut! Let's see .... walk on beach, 1 1/2 hour workout, blog post, breakfast .... I have to go lie down just thinking about it! LOL hugs, nancy

  2. those old book covers are really fun to see and find!

  3. Funny Nancy. Vicki, I look forward to see what you will do with those book finds.

  4. Wow.. those books look great(more like antiques and I love them!) Lovely sketch as well Vicki

  5. I'm so far behind that I bet these are already made into sketchbooks! They are lovely covers!