Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunny with a chance of Gumbo

I didn't get any art done since the last time I talked to you, but I had a great day with my sister today. We started out at a couple of second hand stores in Gulf Shores and then headed for second hand book stores in Pensacola. The second hand stores in Gulf Shores weren't anything special, but my sister did find a handful of paperback books for $.50 apiece, but we hit the jackpot in Pensacola.

We went to Farley's Old & Rare Books, Inc. and I thought I was in heaven. Not only was it full of wonderful old books, but the nice woman there came out of the office and took me around helping me to choose books with interesting covers and in many cases giving me a better price than marked. If you are into old books and are in the Pensacola area set aside a couple of hours and go to Farley's for a wonderful time. While I was being checked out I asked the lovely woman to recommend something nearby for lunch (not a chain). I asked specifically about a good place for gumbo.

She recommended Jerry's Cajun Cafe which was just around the corner on 9th Avenue. We went there and it was fabulous. The special of the day was chicken and sausage gumbo with a side of homemade potato salad. The gumbo came with a slice of seasoned french bread. Not only was it delicious, we couldn't quite finish it, and for both lunches the price was under $20. We are definitely going back with the hubsters for dinner before we go home.

I dropped my sister off at Portofino where she and her husband are staying and came home to take a nap. We are having the two of them over for dinner tonight. We bought fresh salmon at Joe Patti's yesterday and the hubster is making Linguini with Salmon and Tomatoes with a salad and a side vegetable.

Today is the official due date for my newest grandgirl, Zoƫ, so it probably won't be long now. I am so looking forward to meeting her and I really miss my other 3 grandgirls. I believe I am going to have 2 of them on Thursday and Friday after we get home and I am already trying to plan a weekend sleepover some time soon.

I do want to show a method of taking a picture and rendering it into a black and white with values to make it easier to see them. What I do is open the color picture in Photoshop and change the mode to grayscale; I then posterize it using Image > Adjustments >Posterize and set the levels to 4. You can play with the number of levels to see what you like. Here are two that I did today:

Time is getting short here now, but I am still really enjoying this wonderful vacation and am looking forward to coming here again next year. I hope to have some art to share tomorrow.



  1. Love the title of the post! Not sure about the gumbo .... I don't think I'm a fan of the gumbo. Wish I could have been in the bookstore with you - sounds wonderful! Still no new babe in N'ville, either. Can't wait to see you. hugs, nancy

  2. Adjusting photographs in photoshop is a great way of seeing the values, glad to hear you're still having fun!

  3. loved the visit to the bookstore with you...and the gumbo sounded good to me who has never had it...I do the change to black and white to check values sometimes---helps me see where I could improve some weakness...

  4. Vicki, I always read your blog when you post but hadn't commented until today. I really enjoy it! I like hearing about your day and seeing your art. Thanks so much!

  5. It's a great tool for checking tone in your sketches too!

  6. Ahhh, who knew that old books could make one so happy?! Thanks for the reminder about posterizing my pictures.