Friday, February 11, 2011

Blind Contour Friday and A Sunrise

I have finally gotten up to a less than all gray sky and it is spectacular - not just how it looks but the promise it brings. It is supposed to be in the 50s today and sunny, which means I am going to have to get out on that beach before 9 am and after 5 pm. Even with sunscreen on the hours in between turn me into a lethargic lobster. It is not only that I burn in 15 minutes or less, but the sun drains me. It is a bit of a dilemma for me - on the one hand my whole day is exponentially better if I can see the sun, on the other I am reduced to a red mess with absolutely no energy if I am in it.

I got out on the balcony and took a picture of a bit of sunrise. It was still cloudy but there are peeks of the sun.

I also took a little time this morning to do a blind contour of my special bear and then to try to sketch her while looking. The problem is that I cannot see what I am doing in my journal without my glasses and I can't see her sitting on the table with them on. So even my "sighted" drawing is somewhat blind.

I tried filling the bear in with squiggles like I saw Phil Davis do.

I have no idea what we have planned today. The hubster is still abed (he stayed up late last evening while I was in bed around 9:30) I am waiting to make coffee so it will be fresh when he arises. I hope to walk the beach and then maybe do a day trip. We want to do some exploring and revisit Fort Pickens.

But, first things first, the gym is calling.



  1. Vicki, Your photo looks so serene and beautiful. I'm glad the weather is improving for you and you can enjoy at least part of the day on the beach.

  2. Hi Vicki, I hope you get a little bit of sunshine today and some precious vitamin D (from the sun). I enjoy looking at your blind contour drawings of your sweet, special bear!

  3. Oh Vicki, that photo is stunning! And your sweet little bear is darling. I love his squiggles! Keep having a good time! hugs, nancy

  4. oh i want to walk on that beach in that sunrise.
    the bear's face in the blind contour is adorable

  5. I have that Irish skin too as well as the need for BRIGHT LIGHT. Love your photos - I'm headed to FtLauderdale and the Everglades later this month...pray for lots of birds, sun and no moskies!

  6. Gorgeous photo! Love that bright line on the horizon! It is good to see your blind contour again. I think you are really getting better at this!