Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Artful Journaling and More Digital Scrapbooking

I had a lovely time with Nancy yesterday despite the fact that the antique mall that was supposed to be out first stop doesn't open on Mondays. Another reminder that a phone call ahead of time doesn't hurt. We stopped at the lovely corner market that I think used to be called the Common Market, but now has another name. I've searched online for a small specialty grocery in Chelsea, but have failed to find it. At any rate they have a lovely assortment of things that you don't find at your big grocery store.

I chose a bottle of red wine based on the recommendation of the people buying at this store and the hubster liked it very much. I also purchased a sourdough roll for us to split with the rabbit stew I made for dinner last evening. I have yet to try the honey mustard salad dressing, the chipolte sauce and the brown rice.

We stopped in at Back to the Roots, a fair trade community store, which now has a lovely cafe inside. We decided to try it for lunch. We each ordered hot tea and then a sushi selection.  I had  a lovely entree called Crunchy Veggie, which was tempura asparagus, avocado, spring mix and teriyaki sauce. It was wrapped in rice and seaweed. It also comes with bell pepper, but I opted to leave it out. I believe Nancy had the California Tempura and she liked hers very well too. She also had a bit of their soup of the day, which was a squash soup. I really wanted some, too, but it was cream based. I am sure we will be eating here again.

We also stopped at Bumbles Dry Goods where I found some lovely wood book marks and some handmade wooden salad tongs. I love Bumbles. They always have something that I've just got to have and everything is handmade.

Last evening I finally did some work in my Artful Journal and here is what I have to share:

Just the beginning - I think the adding a bit of blue to the yellow worked just fine, but the one to the right of the yellow square in which I added a bit of yellow to the blue didn't come out quite right.

I made my red much too watery and am not very happy with this page, but this is a learning experience and I am hoping I will learn how to use the water brush better in the coming assignments.

I also spent a bit of time with the My Memories scrapbooking software to make a couple more pages. The one with Zoƫ I made using one of the built in designer pages. I just added the pictures and the text; the wedding page I made using the custom options and adding my own background and embellishments.

The embellishments on this page were purchased from Scrappers Guide.

Stayed tuned - I am about to announce how you can win a copy of this easy and fun digital software.

My daughter is bringing her two girls out after school today so we can have a celebration for her younger daughter who turned 4 on Sunday. That means I have to get it together and go get some cupcakes and ice cream. I also have to get the gifts wrapped and a card made.

Time to make my move.......



  1. birthday cakes and ice cream with kids - what a great end to the day! Part of what I love about teaching is the endless supply of Birthday cake! Hehe! Love the scrapbook pages, especially the one of Zoe - what a cutie and what great memories!

  2. Great post. Re the watermelon... they ARE watery... and you conveyed this very well. I think you're too hard on yourself. :) And I LOVE LOVE your transparent shadows!

  3. Love that little sketch, and Zoe is absolutely adorable! =) I wonder why babies like to put everything in their mouth.... must be thinking... "Food?"... "Food?" ^^
    Good luck with the color chart

  4. Waterbrushes are convenient, but then I have the same problems with making things to watery. (Probably because i don't use them enough to know how to control that!) I think it is a wonderful page! Is there a rule that you can't do a second wash over it?

    Sounds like you had a great day together with Nancy. I need a 'Nancy' to go sketching with!

  5. Yes, we did have fun, as always, along with some great laughs! Your scrapbook pages are really nice, and Zoe is just as cute as can be! I think the watermelon page is fine. I have trouble with the water pens, too. Like Raena, I haven't used them enough to have the hang of them. nancy