Thursday, September 8, 2011

Posting from the Road

I'm at my sister's house and having a really lovely time. I arrived on Tuesday to find my sister feeling ill with a headache, chills, etc. I let her sleep for a bit while I sketched the lovely oasis in her backyard.

She had a couple of piles of library books in the family room and she recommended a couple of them to me. I read "Learning to Breathe" by Karen White while my sister slept. It was quite a good read. She has another one by the same author called "The Memory of Water" that I may still read while I am here. Later in the day, her hubster made us each a cup of tea and I visited with my sister a bit while she drank hers, but she was still feeling miserable, so I retired to the living room to finish the book.

After a dinner of homemade chicken soup (my sister ate only a little of the broth and then went to bed for a couple of hours), her hubster and I watched the Tigers/Indians game. My sister joined us and watched until the end with us. The Tigers won!!

The next morning my sister felt considerably better so after coffee and a bit to eat, we went out to the shops. I found a couple of things for the hubster, which I won't tell you about yet, as he will read it and it will ruin the surprise. I also found a couple of bath sheets (extra large bath towels) that Carson's (formerly Elder Beerman) was giving away and found a really cute Sock Monkey bunny rabbit for Miss 6 months. I think it is okay to tell you about that purchase because I don't think Zoƫ reads my blog just yet.

After shopping I took my sister to Panera's for lunch where we each had a lovely strawberry chicken salad and then we came home. When we got home the Tigers/Indians game had already started and we were behind 2-1. Verlander was pitching and it was a really good game, which we won - meaning we swept the Indians. So exciting!!

In the evening after chicken salad and chicken soup, we played Scrabble, cribbage and Yahtzee until bedtime.

This morning my sister and her hubster have gone to pick up a new vehicle that they picked out the morning of the day I arrived. The vehicle they were driving was 8 years old and was showing its age. I can't wait to see the new one. 

While they are gone I sketched a bit of a picture they have hanging in their dining room and am planning a shower after which I will read until they return. 

I'm afraid it didn't photograph and I don't have Photoshop on my sister's computer to correct it, but I think if you click on it, you will be able to see it a bit better.

Later today my sister and I are going to go check out some garage sales and then we will have game-o-rama again this afternoon. The Tigers have a day off today and then have a series against Minnesota.

I will be here until Saturday morning and then will be returning home. I have Miss 6 months on Sunday and will try to get more photos then.
I've missed posting and can't believe it is already Thursday. I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather (and I am sending positive energy to those of you who are suffering with too much wind and the awfulness of flooding) and that you are making time to do something creative.



  1. Vicki , nice to hear what your doing and see what your sketching.Your sister sounds just like me when I was younger, I had migranes and like her had to stay in bed.. I'm going to write you an email .. about a med that has been a life saver. BJ

  2. I really like the drawing of your sister's backyard - it feels very relaxed and peaceful! Especially love the bird on the handle in the second drawing :).
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. sisters, i feel sorry for those that aren't so lucky to have one. sounds like you are having a nice visit. i had lunch this weekend at panera's also, always good.

  4. I'm glad you're having such a lovely time with your sister. Your sketches are really good! Can't wait to see you .... how 'bout them TIGERS!!! lol hugs, nancy

  5. I have a sister, she's a silly one. She likes to tickle me when I am watching TV, and pinch my leg with her toes =) I love her to death tho.
    Love the sketches Vicki, and thanks for the comment, Miata...I could say that's a good guess too!