Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Artful Journaling and A New Beginning

I have finally finished the lemons page in my artful journaling class and have also finished the fortune cookie page. I am having fun with this class, but feel dreadfully inadequate. I am hoping to see some improvement over time and am trying to squash the inner critic - she is such a spoiler of fun and creativity!

Here is the lemons page:

And here is the fortune cookie page:

I have a new assignment to start today and am looking forward to having some uninterrupted art time to work on it and to do more on my new watercolor landscape. I finally scrapped the other landscape I was working on - can you say "overworked"? and have begun another. This one will be essentially a redo of the other, but I am determined to use a minimum of brush strokes on this one so I can keep it fresh and avoid another overwork. Here is just the sky that I did last night:

I am hoping to add the mountains today and will try to use a variety of colors with a minimum of brush strokes. I will share that next part tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I finally attempted to sketch a picture of Alex, and chose to use a Staedtler pen - scary!! I used the drawing Dan Kent posted as my model, but didn't get the likeness that Dan did. I may try it again in the sketch book where I originally sketched both Raena and Dan in pencil to see if I can get a better likeness. For now, here it is:

I think this is the next sketch I need to attempt:

Today I need to recycle (the bins are threatening to overflow into my parking spot in the garage) and pick up a few groceries. I think it is a good day to make some soup, too.

I hope you are having a good day wherever you are. It is sunny and beautiful here and I predict it will be a very good and very productive day.



  1. mmmm nice day for soup! That chill is definitely in the air! I like your lemons and I love the quote with the fortune cookie.
    What a cute little redhead in the photo!

  2. Put your inner critic in a straight-jacket and gag! We are too quick to judge ourselves! Its how we stretch ourselves in what we do that counts. If we repeat the same thing day after day we are not really learning, it becomes a bit like painting by numbers.
    I've been lurking on and off for about a month and I love how you put so much of yourself in your journaling! Its honest and comes from your heart, and that is very refreshing when compared to all the clone journaling around, so whats not to like? And I agree, that redhead will make a lovely subject.
    Keep it up!

  3. Like the lemon sketch, so fresh! Fortune cookies are fun too, love that you added the 'fortunes'.

  4. Wow Vicki, you're really churning out lots of drawings and on the roll. All are so nicely drawn and somewhat symbolic =) Love em!

  5. You're going great! I love the lemons, and I especially like the fortune cookie one with the saying ... I might have to post it somewhere in the studio! Munchkin is adorable! hugs, nancy

  6. You're doing a wonderful job with the journaling workshop! I remember seeing these lemons and the fortune cookies and they look pretty spot-on to me! And the it! I painted a sky similar to this not too long ago, but when I scanned it you could not see it at all. How did you manage to get it to show up? I tried adjusting brightness and all that, but it only serves to make the rest of the color too intense!

  7. I like your watercolors, the colors and the shadow on the first one are great, and the fortune cookie one is perfect!

  8. Vicki -- Lemon pages are tart with blue reminds me of yellow cake all soft and sweet; may your yellow pages bring you pure uninterrupted bliss! Coming from create every day, Blessings Terri