Thursday, September 22, 2011

Girl Tribe and Blind Contour

So I have survived the first overnight with Miss 8 and Miss 4. Yesterday I picked them up from school at 3:30, brought them home for a snack and then took Miss 8 to ballet practice. First she had an hour practice in Tap and then an hour in Jazz, Hip Hop, Fusion. It was a lot of fun to watch.

While she was in the first class, I sat outside a beginning ballet class (there wasn't a chair near her class) and did some quick sketches. These are practically blind contours since I didn't have my glasses on. I could see the girls pretty well, but couldn't see my sketches at all. They are not really very good, but I am practicing and that is what I think is important.

Sorry about the picture quality. The one on the right is a Mom reading a book.

It is spirit week at the girls' school. In preschool it was crazy hat day and here is what Miss 4 wore:

She's such a ham!

Today is crazy hat day at Miss 8's school. Here is hers:

Notice the scarf. She has been bugging to wear my scarf and I finally let her wear it to school today.

This afternoon after school Miss 8 has a basketball game and tomorrow is picture day. Miss 4 doesn't go to school on Fridays, so tomorrow may be a little more relaxing.

I have finished my September Watercolour Pencil Buddies swap and will try to get it in the mail tomorrow. Once it is in the hands of the recipient, I will share it with you.

I'm still hoping to find some time to work on my watercolor work in progress and may have something to share tomorrow.

While I was at ballet class with Miss 8 yesterday evening, the son called to see if we could take Miss 7 months on Sunday and overnight. I am thrilled that the hubster said yes.

So much to do - it is starting out a beautiful day and I'd better make the most of it.



  1. The little girls look wonderful in their chapeaus! I think you did a wonderful job with your sketches. You captured their little bodies just right! hugs, nancy

  2. Good effort - and new twist on blind contours. :) I can tell you, Miss 4 and Miss 8 would have me wrapped around their little fingers!

  3. Capturing moving kids are extremely difficult...without glasses, unimaginable! You did great! And these two pictures of Miss 4 and Miss 8 are precious!

  4. Funny hats! My wife's a hat-craze person.
    Nice sketches, if only my blind contours can look as half decent hahahaha

  5. Great blind contours :) I love doing those too. Mine usually look all wiggy...which I guess is half the charm of them.