Thursday, September 1, 2011

Headaches Trying to Update Journal Site and A Small Sketch

Can you believe it is September already? Where did August go?

I tried my hand at a little sketch of a bicycle and a little girls shoes on the beach with a fence behind. I sketched it in 2H pencil so it is a little light, but I like it quite a bit. What do you think?

I've been working on my "Faint Heart Art" site where I have my journals for sale, but I am having problems with them, so if you don't mind, I will show my new wares here. Most of them have lightweight or medium weight sketching paper. "Suggestions to Teachers" has black, gray, and brown Mi Tientes paper. If you are interested in any of them, leave a comment or send me an email and I will give you the particulars.

That's all I have for now. I've been online for several hours trying to update my business site and am thoroughly frustrated. I need a bit of breakfast and then a jog on the treadmill.

Yesterday I worked out with the DVD I call "The Nazi Workout". The instructor's name is Cathe Friedrich and she is killer. I wasn't able to do the entire DVD, but I did a lot more than I thought I could. I am not very sore this morning, but I am thinking that sometimes it takes a couple of days to realize it. Here's hoping I can get out of bed tomorrow. Here is the DVD I work out with:

I'm pretty sure it is too late for me to have a midriff and abs like hers, but every little bit helps.

I hope you are having a better day than mine has started out to be. For now I am going to walk away and get involved in something that makes me happier than fighting with templates at Fat Cow.



  1. Such beautiful journals, Vicki!! I love "The Great Desire," in particular, with those fabulous dark tones! Excellent bicycle as well!!!

  2. Your journals are splendid - I think you'll sell them all! You did a great job with the bike - I especially am impressed with the way you caught the perspective of the turned front wheel! And the workout? Makes me ache just to see the pic! lol hugs, nancy

  3. Vicki , your journals are really great, I make my own, and art themed journals as well.. tough trying to sell though,, I know that ! BJ

  4. So beautiful vicki. I Love the Word Study book but all are nice. Best to you---Jeanne from ART

  5. The sketches are really getting their perspective down--great work! And the journals? I just love them!

  6. Thanks Vicki for posting a comment today.. I am finally able to post back to all of you.. As I said I'm back in the good graces of Googlen and Blogsville, talk to you again soon... BJ

  7. Love that little bicycle sketch, and those journals look awesome!