Friday, September 2, 2011

First Page of a new journal and Muscles

Good morning - well I didn't have any trouble getting out of bed this morning, but I can feel tightness/soreness in all my muscles from the Cathe workout of two days ago. I was planning to work out with the same DVD again today, but think I will pass (or maybe I will do a quick tour of it without the benefit of weights). At any rate, I am planning to do a 30 minute slow jog on the treadmill.

I've finished the first page of my new ring bound Canson journal that I bought at Michael's a couple of weeks at half price. The paper if great for sketching, but definitely won't take water media, so for the color I just used dry watercolor pencils.

I think the biggest reason I've never stuck to a journal and done "finished" spreads in it is that I could never decide on a theme. I've decided that I don't need it to be themed and it will reflect whatever it is that is going on in my life.

Today the hubster is seeing a foot/ankle specialist for a second opinion before actually going through with the Achilles tendon surgery that is currently scheduled for the second week of October. I was going to accompany him just so I could sit in the waiting room and sketch people, but I think I will opt out. He really doesn't need me to go and I think I will work out and then try my hand at some new art. I may try to sketch a tennis player today while watching more matches of the US Open.

Sunday is Miss 7's birthday - so she will become another Miss 8. I guess the current Miss 8 whose birthday is in January will have to become Miss 8.5. The birthday party is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon in a park across from her Dad's house and I am really looking forward to it. 

Next week I am going over to visit my sister in Stevensville and am hoping to meet up with Dee one evening and hope to see Sandy as well.  I will take sketching materials and my camera so I will have something to share.

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and that you will have something to share as I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing just what you are up to.



  1. I think you have just the right idea about your journal - it doesn't have to have a theme. In fact, I think it will be more interesting to you without one! Have a great weekend and trip next week! hugs, nancy

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Vicki! Doing an art journal for me was a new thing this year and after I read your post I wanted to tell you I never had a theme! I just did whatever motivated me that day. The art journals I worked in the last four months are here at the top.
    Your decision that it doesn't need to have a theme is a great one! I like your beach sketches very much. Lenna

  3. Great work Vicki.
    You know, I don't think journals need to have a theme at all. I thought that about my blog (I can't seem to upload with at the moment so just using - I wanted a theme but my mind never stays in one place long enough.

  4. Great start with the journal! I think a journal should reflect your life at a certain time, no need for a theme.

  5. Looking forward to see how your journal develops!

  6. Beautiful first page! More to come I am sure!

  7. Great start on your journal. I also find my sketchbooks do not follow a theme either. They do tend to reflect my life.
    Johnina :D