Friday, September 23, 2011

Running with My Girl Tribe, Garage Sale Finds and WC WIP

I finally found time to work a bit on my watercolor. It is coming along, but still has a long way to go. I added a bit of color to the sky and significantly darkened the mountains. I added some color into the water. Here is what I have so far:

After Miss 8's basketball game yesterday, we came home and the girls helped Papa make pancakes for dinner while I worked to finish my chicken noodle soup for today. Here is a photo of the girls in their cooking regalia:

After dinner, while we were watching the Tiger game, the girls played a bit of dress-up.

This morning on my way home from dropping Miss 8 off at school, I came across a garage sale and was able to find some treasures. I bought a wooden wine box and a handful of children's books.

On Monday I will outline the rules for the My Memories Suite 2 scrapbooking software giveaway. I will try to have more examples of pages I am working on. I was planning to do a tutorial, but the ones that are already available are quite thorough and explain the software so nicely, it isn't necessary for me to do so. I will tell you that the software is all I could have hoped for. Stay tuned.

For now, I have a little girl (Miss 4) bugging me to work a puzzle with her and she is patient so far but is becoming a bit frustrated waiting for me.  I will say goodbye for now and hope to see you bright and early on Monday (I will have Miss 7 months then) with all the information regarding the giveaway.



  1. Your painting looks wonderful! It is really coming to life. Love your garage sale finds too. I've just starting noticing how much little Miss 8 looks like my cousin when she was young. I'll have to show her, because really, it is uncanny!

  2. The drawing looks good! Love the pictures as always(garage sale treasures are always fun!)