Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zentangle Class and Digital Scrapbooking

I had such fun with Nancy and Kip in our Zentangle class yesterday and I have a couple of them to share with you.

I actually made this one in a 90ยบ to the right orientation, but like it better turned this way.

I think this one needs more. I haven't decided whether to add more curves or do some kind of open work behind it.

The hubster had jury duty yesterday and was actually chosen to sit on a case. He didn't get home until almost 6 pm yesterday and had to be back at 10 this morning. Hopefully the case will wrap up today.

I had a very large download to accomplish last evening, so stayed up until 2 am to get it started and then made the mistake of starting a novel while waiting for it to finish. And then when it finished, I had to play with the new software and then finish the novel. It was getting light out by the time I made it to bed (6:50 am). Wouldn't you know this is the day the county would choose to begin digging out the driveway ditch. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep.

Here is a hint about the software I was playing with in the wee hours. Just think what I could do when I am wide awake! I will be reviewing this new software and will be hosting a giveaway. Watch for more info here.

I am planning to do some more work on the Lake District watercolor that I shared yesterday - thank you so much for your comments and suggestions - I will share my progress tomorrow.

For now, I think I need lots of coffee before I try to get this day started.



  1. V. Zentangles are so much fun! Good job! Jan

  2. Hi Vicki, your zentangles are great. ! I've done a few but don't really know what it is that I'm doing .... Doodling maybe???? LOL
    what a great looking family you have..

  3. Yep, your Zentangles are wonderful, as is the Tribe! And, the class was a ton of fun! hugs, nancy

  4. I too have been trying Zentangles lately. Just doodling really, but it's fun and relaxing.
    I haven't taken a class, just playing around.

    You did a wonderful job!

    I too am often bitten by either the art bug or reading bug and find myself going to sleep as the sun is saying it's a new day. Glad to know I'm not alone.