Monday, April 2, 2012

Busy, busy day and some sketches

I drove into town to run errands before my cleaning appointment at the dentist. I arrived a bit early and spent some time helping the dentist with issues with his iPad. I then sat in the waiting room sketching from a very nice book that was on the end table.

The hygienist was behind and didn't appear to be in a hurry to catch (lots of visiting with the current patient), so I chose to reschedule. I went to my daughter's house to visit and spent a couple of hours there. I checked at the pharmacy regarding the Evista the gyn prescribed for osteoporosis only to find that a three month supply was in excess of $450 - not going to happen. He will not be in the office until Friday, at which time I will call and request some product that has a generic.

My son called while I was at the daughter's house to see if I wanted to hang out with Miss Z while he ran some errands. I opted to take her to my house so he transferred her car seat and home we drove. Once here, she and Papa and I played outdoors for awhile and I took her in the stroller to the neighbor's house to visit. We then remembered that our taxes were ready for us to sign, so we loaded her up and took her into Leslie with us.

I have a big headache and a light show so I am going to take some medicine and lie down for a bit.

The hubster has salmon and a vegetable planned for dinner and that sounds quite lovely.

I hope you are having a great day and that you are finding time for yourself.



  1. I hope your headache has worn itself out by now and that your "light show" is over. Take it easy tonight and enjoy that yummy sounding Salmon.

  2. Lovely wildlife sketch. Admiring your strength facing your daily obstacles, get well soon

  3. OUch. hope your migraine got scared away and didn't become full blown as of today! Gotta love the hygienist, she was there to put in the hours, not to help the patients!
    The cost on the Evista is out of sight! WHo can afford that kind of thing!
    Sending a hug!

  4. Sounds like a busy day, hope you enjoyed the salmon!

  5. My husband had one of those just last night. I hope yours is gone...well dang, I just remembered I'm catching up on commenting again, so I assume that yes, it is gone. Nice sketchbook page! I can't believe you drew all that and still had to postpone!