Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Try at Youth Portrait

I found myself staying up quite late fiddling with the sketch I did yesterday that was perhaps Miss P in 6 years time rather than at age 6. I opened yesterday's offering in Photoshop and did some cut and paste of the features - I wanted the eyes a bit closer together and the nose higher up on the face. I also did some cut and paste and rotate - I thought the nose was a bit off angle. I then used the transform tool to make the lips larger and to make the face rounder. The lines in the journal in which I sketched it began to disintegrate in this process, so I erased the ones over the face. This is what I had at the end of all that digital plastic surgery.

I think she looks younger, but still not my little Miss P. Also I think her gaze is too far to the right (her left).

I probably should have called it a day then, but I decided the lines were bugging me too much, so I tried to sketch this new version onto printer paper. Now I wish I'd used better paper as I think I would like to try adding color.

Still not really looking like her, but I think she looks a bit younger. I like the shading better, too.

Here is the original sketch for comparison.

This morning I am planning to jog for an hour on the treadmill and then get ready for the day. I will go to the life drawing class - thank you so much for the suggestions about focusing on hands and feet. I surely can use my own or the hubster's for practice. I think it was a good suggestion to continue to work on the "whole" figure and so I shall.

I am reading "Open" an autobiography by Andre Agassi and am quite enjoying it. I've always been a big fan of his. I've also downloaded the ebook "Falling Backward" a memoir by Jann Arden, a Canadian born singer/songwriter that I am a big fan of. I know I am not supposed to end a sentence with "of" but sometimes breaking rules is what I like to do. I love my iPad and am quite enjoying using it as a reader.

I hope you are well and that you are finding time for yourself today - again, I want to thank my readers, especially those of you who leave comments for helping me so much with your suggestions. I love this art community.



  1. Sigh. What I wouldn't give to have your computer skills! I love your very sensitive sketch.

  2. Oh, such a great improvement! Good for you, working through it and getting a much better likeness and a younger face :) I'd say draw it on good paper and then try to add a touch of color - love her hair and you wouldn't need much color to bring her to life :) Again, good job!

  3. I'm with Sandy re your computer skills! That said, yes, your changes made her look much younger. Well done! Now, once more on sturdier paper, and then you'll be ready to add color! hugs, nancy