Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pastels, Nature Journal and Mr. Turtle

I'd started a small watercolor of a sailboat moored in a bay in Lake Superior from a photo I took while in Marquette earlier this month. I decided I wanted to use the watercolor as an under painting and finish with pastels. Boy are pastels messy - the colors turned out muddy and I only have a starter set of 30 colors, which severely limits my color choices, but I don't hate it, especially if I look at it from across the room.

I added a digital mat in an attempt to make it prettier.

I also did a quick sketch in my nature journal using Caran d' Ache Neocolor II crayons.

Yesterday morning just as I was pulling out of the driveway to go to my conditioning class, I saw what looked like a large piece of tire like you see on the highway on the edge of our lawn. Then it moved and I realized it was a snapping turtle, so I pulled back into the driveway and ran for my camera. I kept my distance, but did get a shot. He does rather resemble a tire.

Quite the contrast to the wee painted turtle the girls found the day before.

I have Miss Z coming later today and she will be staying the night, so if I am going to get some treadmill time, it will have to be sooner rather than later. I only did a 30 minute jog yesterday because I'd also done my one hour conditioning class. The class doesn't meet today, so I will try for a 60 minute jog.

We have family coming on Sunday for our annual Memorial Day get together, so I suppose I'd best get the house cleaned. Of course, it is only Tuesday and it is not going anywhere. Maybe later in the week. 

I hope you are finding time to do some art and look forward to seeing what you are up to.



  1. What a monster! Maybe one day your snapping turtle will show up in a painting, although I don't know how you would title it.

  2. Lovely pages and I don't think your pastels look muddy at all!

  3. That turtle looks massive! I hope he is save and not venturing onto the road.

  4. I agree with Raena - the pastels don't look muddy at all. The turtle? It does look Huge! And the daisy is sweet - I'm really liking your nature journal! hugs, nancy

  5. I really like how this boat picture turned out. I agree pastels are messy so I almost never use them. I don't see the muddiness you claim is there. It looks like a bright pretty day to me. Neat turtle!

  6. I have the same problems with pastels, love the daisy!