Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two Sketches - One Ink, One Pencil

It is a beautiful, sunny morning. I can't believe May is just about over. Little Miss M is done with preschool for the year and Misses P and K will be done next week. It must be time to get out the hula hoops and frog catching nets.

Yesterday after cleaning my work play room, I sat down with my "Through A Looking Glass" journal and decided to sketch a bit. I looked through my reference photos for something to catch my eye and happened upon a house with a big front porch that I liked. I grabbed my Uniball Signo and began.

And then I found a photo I'd taken during my still life frenzy of a few weeks ago and liked it, so thought I'd try my hand at a pear with a glass of wine.This one is in pencil; don't ask me why. I try to use pen so I can't erase. My guess is that this one seemed trickier for me. I think the crop made it look like the wine is aslant a bit.

It is going to be a busy day today. I will be going to my conditioning class this morning and then will be taking my BIL to the hospital for an outpatient surgery. I am expecting to find some sketching opportunities there. I will take a sketchbook and my iPad. That way I can sketch, listen to music, read a book, or surf the internet (if they have wireless).

A little kitty has found its way to our house (I am suspecting a drop off). It is very cute and friendly. I am not in the market for a pet, but I am quite taken with the little thing. I am hoping that if the hubster and I offer spaying and declawing, my daughter will take her. I don't have any kitty food and I don't think milk is all that good for a kitty, so I opened a can of Albacore tuna packed in water and gave her a bit. I think she loves me!

I believe the hubster came up with some kind of litter box and let her into the screened porch for the night. I guess we have officially taken responsibility for her. I really don't want to give her to the shelter, but am not in the market for a pet.

What do you have planned for the day? Does it include art? I am anxious to get started today and think my muse approves of the cleaning.



  1. Well done on both pieces! The kitty is adorable ... Are you sure you don't want to keep her? See ya in the AM! Hugs, nancy

  2. Nice job on your drawings. I can see the edge of the paper in the wine glass sketch so can see how it was straight before cropping. I really like the house drawing.

    What a cute kitty. Cats are so easy to care for. Wouldn't your grandkids love to come over and visit her?