Friday, May 25, 2012

Life Drawing

I am so enjoying the life drawing sessions, and I think I am improving. I decided Kathleen Walker's advice in her comment from last week was spot on - I have my own feet and hands to practice on and they are available at any time, so I am still focusing on the whole at these sessions. I do find that my chronic tendonitis in my right arm can be a serious problem when sketching, especially when I am trying to be loose and sketch from the shoulder rather than from the wrist. I am in quite a deal of pain today as I have been for a couple of weeks now. This is such a strange condition to me. It will flare up and give me moderate to severe pain for weeks and then be gone for months at a time. I am trying to be patient and wait for it to subside. I'm afraid today I may have to resort to ice and Aleve.

The hubster installed a storm door with screen to the front entrance of the house and I am loving the light and breeze that is now available on the east side of the main part of the house. We've been talking about a storm door there for years. That entrance is surrounded by stone, so some framing in had to be done.

We (that is the royal we) also have a hanging basket on each side of the front porch that are lovely and begging to be painted.

Or maybe the wishing well in the front yard

I am planning to go to my conditioning class this morning and hope my right arm doesn't give me too much trouble. I may do half an hour on the treadmill when I return home if it isn't already too hot. I think we are expecting 90ยบ today.

I am hoping to get my Miss P portrait onto watercolor paper this weekend and begin to add color. I think I will first try with colored pencil and then maybe try one in watercolor.

What do you have planned for this weekend? If you are in the US and celebrating Memorial Day, will you have family over? or will you be traveling to spend time with family and/or loved ones? Whatever you have planned I hope you have a great time and can also find time for yourself and your creativity.



  1. Hope your arm is soon better Vicki. Life sketches look great, and can't wait to see those lovely hanging baskets in watercolour :)

  2. Looking good, sorry to hear you have a sore arm, that can't help the drawing I am sure. Hmm, feet look a bit small, remember that hands and feet are usually about the same size as the head, if you run out of room on the paper (figure placement can take a while to learn) don't worry about trying to fit it in. It is more important to keep proportions correct. Your lucky to have a male model, the sessions I attend may have one or two male models a year. It can be hard to find men who are willing to take off their clothes in front of other men.

  3. You're doing great at the figure drawing! I think the best part is on the second one...where the figure is can see the weight/force on the chair. Well done! Hope your arm feels better soon!

    We had a street party yesterday instead of today. My sister is moving in with us on Friday, for a while; so, I had to clean all day and reorganize. I did paint a few paintings in my head though! :D