Monday, August 6, 2012

Art Journal Pages

It is a lovely 55º this morning and what could be finer. The weekend was a busy one as usual. We watched a bit of the Olympics - I am still in shock over the Murray drubbing of Federer. And the Tigers gave great entertainment yesterday finally winning in extra innings.

I was able to spend a bit of time in my art room and have made a couple of stamps with the Speedball Block Printing Kit and the help of the first two videos in the online class Stamp Carving 101. I didn't yet make the two that were done as examples in the class, but am having fun so far. I carved a chevron to use as an edge stamp and a bird (you know that I love birds, don't you?).

Here is a two page spread where I've used the stamps. I think I need to add something to the left hand page, although I do really like the grunginess of it.

And I had a two page spread finished just prior to carving the stamps. It is a much busier set up than I usually do, and utilizes more glued images.

We are taking DD and her two girls and the son's older girl up to the condo at Sugar Loaf for a few days this week and I am expecting to have a great time. I was planning to go to my conditioning class this morning (it's been a couple of weeks since I've been there), but DD has an appointment this morning and I will be driving to her house to stay with the girls while she is gone. Then we are going to the grocery to get some staples to take north with us. We usually try to do a lot of cooking while we are there, but this year we've decided to eat more like being on a picnic and hope it will work out for everyone. The girls would much rather have "picnic" foods and fresh fruit than big cooked meals anyway. Miss K will be staying overnight tonight; I'm not sure about the other girls.

I think I tweaked a couple of muscles moving furniture yesterday. After living with old worn (even torn a bit) furniture, we took the plunge and bought a new couch and recliner yesterday. We had to pick it up ourselves (it took two trips with the small truck we have). The hubster and I took out the old overstuffed chair and footstool and moved the existing furniture so I could do a good vacuuming. Then we brought in the two pieces of the recliner and put it together. Then my son came out with Miss K and she and I visited while the boys carried out the old couch and carried in the new one. I think I am going to really like it. Without the footstool, there is a lot more room to maneuver, but without the patterns on the furniture, the room seems more serious and plain. 

I am planning to take art journals and some "not too messy" art materials with us and will try to fit in some art time. We will be taking puzzles and board games as well. If the weather cooperates there is a pool at the place and Lake Michigan is right around the corner. I'm not much of a day time beach person, but love to go to Good Harbor Bay for the sunset. My "good" camera is old and tired and no longer focuses automatically, so I will just take the point and shoot and will hope to get some good pix.

What are you up to these days? Are you being creative? Are you willing to share it with me? I'd love it if you would leave a comment so I could follow you to your blog. I know that many of you have blogs that are on my Google Reader subscription list, but I am sure there are some of you that I've somehow missed and I would love a chance to catch up with you.



  1. Nice pages as usualy Vicki :)

  2. Lots of creativity here ~ do enjoy your 'holiday' ~ Me? ~ am about to try some acrylic paintings larger than I normally do and rarely use acrylics so wish me well ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Lovely pages, Vicki, and I hope you enJOY your Journey!! Safe travels.

  4. What fun to redo your room and have a fresh, new look! Enjoy your trip. Most of my creative energy is going into photography these days.

  5. I'm working "most recent post" back. I love what you've been doing in your book and am most impressed with your carving skills! Sounds like your trip will be a lot of fun, and I love your new furniture! See you soon, I hope! hugs, nancy

  6. Tryin to catch up! I love how your book is coming along and that you're having such a good time with it. Lovely new furniture, too. See you soon. Hugs, nancy

  7. I'm enjoying the stamp carving class as well! It becomes addictive!Have only dobne 2 lessons but have been carving each day.
    Love your stamps and the journal pages!
    have a wonderful holiday!